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What’s That Sound? White Mystery – F.Y.M.S.

It’s getting to be time for a new White Mystery album and as you can see by the album cover for F.Y.M.S. (out on 4/20, PREORDER here for DIGITAL or VINYL) they’re not fucking around.  Don’t be fooled by the vivid image the title conjures, however, as this record is probably the most polished I’ve heard from the White siblings so far.

That’s not to say it isn’t still gritty as hell.  Album opener “Ton Up Kid” barrels through the riffs you’d expect from the band, with shout-along choruses and drum flurries in the bridge.  “Black Heart Crusader” is more metal than thrash, Francis pounding out meaty grooves while Alex’s dark guitar works it’s magic.  Title track “FYMS” evokes memories of a young Frank Black as Alex spits Greek insults over a driving backdrop and rocks out to a foul-mouthed chorus, an anthem easily adaptable to your personal favorite dirtbag.

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5 Favorite Records: October 2016

It’s time for another installment of my five favorite records for the month!  Let me know what you think at your leisure on Twitter @OTR_RadioHour

  1. White Mystery – Outta Control 7″
  2. The Nice – Keith Emerson & the Nice
  3. The Harlequins – One With You
  4. Jimi Hendrix – Hendrix In The West
  5. Queens Of The Stone Age – Rated X

#1632: Commotion

Summer’s winding down, school’s back in session and I’m ready to make some noise! Lots of raucous vintage psych and classic rock this week plus all sorts of new loud stuff from all corners of my collection, including a peek at the new Brown Acid compliments of Riding Easy Records.

Attune to get back in the grind without losing your mind!

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What’s That Sound? White Mystery – “Outta Control”

When I was a kid back in the ’80s and ’90s, my family owned one of those handheld cassette recorders with the handles.  My sister and I, or sometimes friends, would record everything around us.  We’d create little radio programs and skits and songs and such.  It was silly and fun, full of inside jokes, the kind of thing young people did in in the safe space of close kinship.  A level of comfortable where you didn’t care about what anyone thought or said, just fun for fun’s sake.

Chicago siblings White Mystery always remind me of times like that, simpler times before the internet was ubiquitous when you could make something for an audience of two and that was enough.  I’ve always found their songs to be filled to the brim with reckless energy, sonic adventures that drag you flailing into a fuzz-soaked fantasy world of the White’s creation.  Proclamations of fierce individuality and unflagging loyalty swirl together with apocalyptic imagery and wild stories.  All the while, it’s delivered tongue in cheek, never allowing the listener to take it too seriously.  It’s always a hell of a ride.

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#1629: Get A Grip On Yourself

Nine weeks!  Nine weeks it’s been since I’ve been live in the studio, but it was just like riding a bike.  A glitchy, overheated bike.  But familiar, and fun, and good to be live with you all again.

Started out mellow and vintage with classic tracks and a nod to the late, great vibist Bobby Hutcherson. Then moved into modern with new Kikagaku Moyo, Amerikan Bear, Adrien Younge and some Os Noctambulos (a suggestion from my pal Poppa Horton.)

In the second hour it gets meatier, with a few releases from Riding Easy Records (Slow Season, Electric Citizen, Salem’s Pot) mixed with vintage rockers.  There’s even some White Mystery, Blondie, and Heaters in there, just to cover all the bases.

All in all, a great way to spend my morning and I hope a great listen whenever/wherever/whomever you are.  Have a great week and make sure to hit up the replay every Tuesday on AffinityRadio.net!

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#1619: To Know Is Not To Be

A very mixed bag on tap this week. After last week’s non-stop funk block with TonyConquerrah I ended up with a lot of new psych and rock to sort through for this show. We have the normal vintage rock with new tracks featured from New Planet Trampoline, JuJu, Electric Citizen, Mother Feather, Mondo Drag, and The Myrrors.

Safe travels to the many bands hitting the road for the spring/summer, and think of wordlessly speeding down America’s highways as these tunes hit your ears.

Thanks for joining me, have a great week!

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#1617: Wild & Confused

In a world that seems turned upside down (*cough cough Trump cough cough*) the only thing that settles my mind is sweet soul, psychedelia and heavy classic riffs.

Don’t worry, we’re gonna make it. We will, guys. Just stick together.

Talk to me over on Twitter: @OTR_RadioHour

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#1615: Sun Structures

Spring weather finally arrived in NYC this week, and I have a mix all set for cruisin’ with the windows down or hanging out on the fire escape.

Soul, funk, garage, psychedelic, stoner rock and more all come into play, with new tracks featured from White Mystery, Strange Majik and Charles Bradley and OF COURSE some love to the big man who kept soul and psych together, Prince.

Find a sunny spot, plug in and bliss out.

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#1614: Round We Go

Ah, election years. Guaranteed insanity and the end result is always arguable. Y’know how I deal with that? Heavy blues rock, psychedelic freak outs and acid jams. Vintage or modern, it’s time to come get your primary relief….

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#1612: Cadence & Cascade

Spring is fighting it’s way in this year, so on this rainy Saturday morning I started the show off with some soothing sounds that slowly built to raucous heights.

Get some slow burn with psychedelic soul and hard rock swagger with all the vintage goodness you’re used to, plus new tracks from Strange Majik, New Planet Trampoline, White Mystery and Black Mountain!

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#1609: Q.U.E.E.N.

Last week the world celebrated International Women’s Day so I’ve put together a set highlighting the female legends of music along with those women who are blazing a path through rock and roll and soul in the present day. Ready your ears!

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#1608: Stone Cold Crazy

Election years can be stressful and hectic, and 2016 is shaping up to be no exception. So to ease the mania I’ve cobbled together a mix of hard rock and soft psych, including new tracks from Sons Of The Void (Sunrise Ocean Bender), Eerie Wanda (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond), and Mondo Drag (Riding Easy Records). And of course, the vintage/modern blend you’ve come to expect.
Keep your head down, your breath even and maybe even stockpile some supplies. I’ve got your back. Stay calm, it’ll be over in November.

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#1539: Sweet Home Chicago (feat. White Mystery)

It was my great pleasure to speak with Chicago’s own White Mystery as they head into Brooklyn tonight to play a late-night gig at the Acheron (show details here). Miss Alex White shared what it’s like to be on tour pretty much all of the time, running a business from the road and what’s to come for her and her brother Francis as they continue their 10-year mission to rock the world.

To set the stage there’s a mix of vintage soul, blues and garage from Chicago groups and a nice lead-in of crazy, heavy psych.  Many thanks to White Mystery for chatting with me, and big thanks to all of you for listening.

Full Show:

Just the Interview: