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#1704: Too Many Fictions

Life can be exhausting.

With so much up in the air these days I find myself more and more grateful for music that can express my feelings on multiple levels. One artist who contributed more than I even knew was the recently departed John Wetton. From his work on my favorite King Crimson records to the myriad of songs I love but didn’t even realize he had a credit on, he contributed so much to modern progressive music that I found it worth taking time out in the middle of this episode to spend on remembering his legacy.

It’s not all a eulogy, though. Surrounding Wetton’s work you’ll find some seriously wild psychedelia stirred together with heavy blues and a punk flourish for the finish. Consider these tunes to help remember the truth of our modern life: while we want so many things to be certain and objectively true it’s often the case that, without diligence, our idea of what’s absolute is still riddled with too many fictions.

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5 Favorite Records: September 2016

Happy Labor day to all my friends in the U.S.  Enjoy your weekend and if you get a chance between barbecues, check out my five favorites from my collection in September.

Be safe!  Have fun!

  1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – B.R.M.C.
  2. The Kinks – The Kink Kronikles
  3. Black Mountain – IV
  4. King Crimson – Red
  5. Morgan Delt – Phase Zero