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#1801: Punching A Hole

Welcome to 2018!
Everyone has so many plans, predictions, resolutions and such that it’s easy to feel hemmed in. Like you’re in a corral with nowhere to go. As it is with all the good innovators, though, you have to take a look to either side. Look up and down. Find the weakest point and plow right through.

Here’s a list of weirdos, psychos, rabble rousers and loud motherfuckers. Here’s to a new and better year.

Vintage and modern wildness plus brand new tracks from King Gizzard, Black Delta Movement, Korto, The Men and more.

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#1607: Your Head Is Reeling

This week was an exercise in giving up a measure of control. Just a bag of random vinyl, some tracks on my digital rig and a heaping mess of technical difficulties. But just like in life you gotta troop onward and hope that when you look back there are no regrets. You won’t hear any complaints from me.

Enjoy the set, featuring (among other things) the latest release from Eerie Wanda, an upcoming release from Foul Tip, and a whole lotta psychedelic wildness. Scratches and skips and all, this is one you don’t wanna miss. Thanks for the ears.

Playlist below ->

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