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#1802: Struggling For Air

My own personal, musical state of the union designed to keep you afloat.

All sorts of vintage ephemera and brand new tracks from Here Lies Man, Ty Segall, Ampline, River Cult, The Harlequins, plus a handful from Dizzybird Records outta Grand Rapids.

Keep your head up. Keep breathing.


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#1620: Monster In Paradise

Memorial Day weekend is here in the States and it’s HOT…which is appropriate for the unofficial start of summer. That being the case,┬áI brought a whole lot of hot licks in to the studio for a raucous sonic journey to take your mind off of sweating and BBQing…

New tunes on tap from Kikagaku Moyo, Mother Feather, Strange Majik, Seratones, Elephant Tree, The Myrrors and a whole bunch of vintage glam, hard rock and psychedelic for flavor.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day! ┬áTake some time to relax but also remember the folks who put themselves in harm’s way so you could take a moment┬áof peace. ┬áKeep cool and rock hard!

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#1601: Watch That Man

We’ve been watching him for years. As he laid performance after performance out for all to see, his songs accompanying all manner of moments across our lives. When David Bowie passed on last week I was shocked, but as the week wore on I was also taken aback by the immense outpouring of grief and love directed towards the man himself and his work. Two hours isn’t adequate, but it’s all I had so here goes…

Special thanks to my pal and BBOX cohort Tom Ragu for coming by and contributing a special mix for today’s show!

If you’re outside of the US you can listen to this episode here:

…or you can listen anywhere on Spreaker…playlist below…

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#1540: The Ritual

Goddamn do I love Halloween. ┬áIt’s not about dressing up and pretending to be somebody else for me, though. ┬áIt’s something about exploring a darker side, and I’ve always been fascinated by the human urge┬áto try and fool or beg the dark forces into showing┬ámercy during┬áthe long night of winter. ┬áPlus, y’know, it gives me an excuse to play more fuzzy, heavy music. ┬áWhich I did.

Enjoy a sludgy mix of heavy metal, weird psych and some of those older garage tunes. ┬áPlus some campfire tales from the legendary Vincent Price. ┬áSlap together a costume and party tonight, but don’t forget to save a little booty for bribing┬áthose dark forces.

If this promo doesn’t make you wanna listen, I don’t know what will…

Full playlist below…

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