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#1806: Walkabout

Modern and vintage from the goodie pile to help your mind wander!

Brand new tracks from fellow New Yorkers Caroline Rose, The Men, and NETHERLANDS plus old school wonders and other modern badassery.

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#1802: Struggling For Air

My own personal, musical state of the union designed to keep you afloat.

All sorts of vintage ephemera and brand new tracks from Here Lies Man, Ty Segall, Ampline, River Cult, The Harlequins, plus a handful from Dizzybird Records outta Grand Rapids.

Keep your head up. Keep breathing.


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5 Favorite Records: October 2016

It’s time for another installment of my five favorite records for the month! ┬áLet me know what you think at your leisure on Twitter @OTR_RadioHour

  1. White Mystery – Outta Control 7″
  2. The Nice – Keith Emerson & the Nice
  3. The Harlequins – One With You
  4. Jimi Hendrix – Hendrix In The West
  5. Queens Of The Stone Age – Rated X

#1632: Commotion

Summer’s winding down, school’s back in session and I’m ready to make some noise! Lots of raucous┬ávintage psych and classic rock this week plus all sorts of new┬áloud┬ástuff from all corners of my collection, including a peek at the new Brown Acid compliments of Riding Easy Records.

Attune to get back in the grind without losing your mind!

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What’s That Sound? The Harlequins – “One With You”

Anyone in psychedelic music circles these days will tell you, there’s plenty of fuzz to go around. ┬áSurf riffs drenched in shaky distortion, wobbly keyboard licks and distorted vocal yelps are becoming commonplace, and personally I love it. ┬áBut as has happened with┬ápast music trends from punk to grunge to you name it, standing out from the crowd while indulging in the genre┬ádu jour┬áisn’t always easy.

These guys the Harlequins may have a shot at it, though.┬áOn their first full LP, “One With You”, the Cincinnati three-piece has crafted a solid garage-pop trip┬áthat grabs you quick and keeps you floating.

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#1631: Coming Your Way

So much music and so little time! ┬áSince we have an extra day in our weekend here in the U.S. I thought a three hour special was in order. ┬áFocusing on mostly rock, with a special emphasis on new stuff from my favorite labels. ┬áAlong with the normal vintage fare, look out for treats from the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Stickman, Dizzybird, Stolen Body, Magnetic Eye, and Riding Easy imprints. ┬áCovering all angles from breezy to heavy, it’s the perfect soundtrack for the discerning rocker basking in backyard leisure. ┬áHave a great weekend, enjoy and share!

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