World Of Oz (s/t 1969)

IMG_8461.JPG World Of Oz’s self-titled 1969 debut was also their swan song. Apparently they had a much heavier sound live but this breezy trip through psychedelic pop ain’t bad.

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Meet Alice.

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R.I.P. Jack Bruce

Well, that’s a pretty big one.

The man cultivated a real thunderous bass sound, whether with Cream or any of his other heavy blues projects. Every group he was in was a “supergroup” before the term even existed in rock music.

Then he nurtured his psychedelic side throughout his solo albums, often adopting a folksy feel, keeping it tender.

Whether or not you like everything he did (I don’t, to be honest) you can’t deny Jack was a huge presence in a crazy and amazing time in rock history.

Much respect. Rest easy, Jack.


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