#1519: In My Time of Dyin’

B.B. King finally shuffled off the mortal coil this week, marking a pretty large landmark in the seemingly never-ending roundup of legendary musicians passing in the last year.  It almost seems like he was the last of the original great bluesmen, the youngest of an ancient breed.  Those great, huge voices weathered by hard living, praising the lord, or straight-up too much worry.

Blues music was huge across the South for years before it busted into the mainstream and gave birth to rock & roll, and of course once it made it’s way to England it was all over.  Blues was king for decades, and irreversibly set music and pop culture straight to where it is today.

So tonight, it’s a tribute to B.B. King in the form of some of his colleagues and musical offspring.  This set’s all about the blues; where it started, and where it went after.  Grab some whiskey, crank the volume up, and head out to the fire escape.  Bring your worry to bear on this sixty minutes right here.

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#1518: Underdog

We’re back to the normal routine again after the first installment of the “Throwback To Tomorrow” special last week.  Thanks to all of the bands and labels putting out great tunes, and to all the folks who listened and gave feedback.  It was overwhelmingly positive, so I’ll bring it back in a few weeks with a brand new selection of modern bands bringing the vintage sounds into the present day!

But for now, sit back and enjoy this selection of the usual ’60s & ’70s jams that your local classic rock station seems to have overlooked.  Hope you’re having a great week!

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#1517: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 1

Over the past few years I’ve received a lot of messages, free records, and followers from modern labels and bands that cultivate a “throwback” sound.  These are artists that, while rooted in today, are hearkening back to the ’60s & ’70s with their music:  the instruments they use, the arrangements & styles, sometimes even the recording techniques and equipment.

I’ve always tried to wedge them into my shows along with the vintage fare you’re used to me spinning.  Unfortunately every time I’d give it a shot, it seemed forced, at least to me.

So this week I decided to try something new.  I scoured my collection and pulled together a selection of modern artists with vintage roots, tying them together in one tight hour.  If you like what you hear, go support them!   I’ve included links to their various sites in the playlist below.

If you like this episode, let me know!  If response is good, I’ll likely do it again every six weeks or so.  For now, enjoy the OTRRH Throwback to Tomorrow!

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#1516: Hear Me Calling

The last few shows have been soul-heavy and reflective of my mood of late. This week, though, I thought I’d throw together some more upbeat rockers and stranger vintage sounds that were more fun.

There are nods to the Hubble’s 25th birthday and the amazing #YearInSpace mission (follow astronaut Scott Kelly on Instagram. Seriously.)  I also give love to the late Percy Sledge, and all those folks across the globe who’ve left or lost their homes and are looking for refuge.

It’s an hour that’s all over the place, but this week it’s more ups than downs. I figured it was time to get outside of myself and start looking around at the world again. Hope this set inspires you towards the same!

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#1514: Here I Go Again

A new start.

It’s a phrase used so much in movies and music that it’s practically cliché, yet cliches are what they are because of a kernel of truth that’s universal.  Sometimes the new start takes you down a path that leads to something completely new.  Other times it can lead you back to where you started, but you’re changed from the journey and nothing will be the way it was again.

 No matter how you set off on your new start, whether by choice or against your will, transformation is imminent.  When several new starts pile up, what else is there to do but shrug and keep pushing through?

“I’ll survive,” you say to yourself.  “Here I go again.”

#1512: Another Place

I’ll tell you, if you know anything about my life right now then you’ll understand that I needed the musical journey in tonight’s set.  From the first track which takes you through one group’s catalogue, to the variety in the rest of the set, it was a great trip.  Hope it does it for you, too!

“Still the same 60 minutes of vintage treasures, but this set has an odd flow to it. You won’t end up in the same place you started out. That’s the way life is. You bought the ticket, now take the ride.
original airdate: 4/1/2015″

Why is OTRRH running a repeat this week?

I haven’t missed a show in 2 years.  I’ve always had a new show every week, but this week finally proved so crazy that I wasn’t able to get it done, folks.

Even though I use a lot of tracks taken from my own vinyl, I use my computer to organize and sort through everything and last week it crashed.  Hard.  My entire music collection, located on an external hard drive, was erased and I had to spend two days crossing my fingers that Data Rescue would be able to salvage some of it. It seems to have worked, but I’ll be damned if I’m plugging anything into this old computer.  So that slowed me down.

Add two sick kids to the mix.  That’ll put anyone behind.

This last one some of you may not know.  In an unexpected series of events I recently became the station manager at my home station, BBOXRadio.com out of Brooklyn, NY.  Over this past weekend we moved our studio to a new space and there were shenanigans on the part of the landlord, so most of my time over the last week was getting that sorted out.  Rewiring everything, getting a working radio station back online, training new hosts, making sure all the old hosts have access, all this along with the computer and kid situation kept me from getting the show put together this week.

So I ran a restream, but it’s a damn good one!  My brief history of punk, originally aired in October of 2013, going over the evolution of punk chronologically starting in 1965 and ending in the glory days of 1977.  The link is below, hope you enjoy it, and I’ll have a new live show for you next week!

Thanks for sticking with me!

#1509: Sticky Situation

What a week.  Snow, freezing rain, sick kids, and a computer crash that wiped out my music collection.  Jeez, man.

But that’s all passed and good things have been happening, too.  So in honor of all the ups and downs, here’s a set that’s all over the place.  It reflects my mood over the last few days and I hope maybe it’ll help you work some shit out as well.  Click, share and enjoy!

Been all over the place this last week and tonight’s set certainly reflects that. Psychedelic rock into jazz into soul ballads and back to heavy blues. There’s even a nod to good old Leonard Nimoy, may he rest easy. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
original airdate: 3/4/2015

#1508: Black Is…

Black culture laid the foundation for almost every popular form of American music over the last 100 years.  It’s true.  If you’re a music fan you have to acknowledge the massive contribution and amazing talent that African-Americans brought to the table over the 20th Century.  Especially throughout the ’60s & ’70s (the civil rights movement and it’s fallout, so to speak) the bravery and electricity that artists were putting down on tape was like nothing else.  So on this episode I’ve decided to sample a small cross-section of these prolific and amazing artists.   Sure enough, one hour isn’t enough to cover such an expansive collection of work, but I did my best to hit highlights.  Hope you enjoy the trip.

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#1507: Strange Majik interview

This episode my guest was David Pattillo aka Strange Majik. We chat about his new album “Lights On“, his other studio work, his hip-hop collaborations and SO MUCH MORE.  Seriously, this guy’s got a hand in so much musically it’s hard to keep track. Links and tracklist below->

Full show:

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