New time. New tunes. Same Old Time Religion.

If you haven’t listened in a while, you may wonder why there’s no show tonight.  If you have been listening then you’re likely tired of hearing it: OTRRH is moving to a new time!

Starting this weekend (9/5) every Saturday morning at, I’ll be doing a two-hour show starting at 10:30am EST.  All of the vintage cuts you’re used to will still be there, but I’m also including more modern tracks that hearken back to older influences (a la my Throwback to Tomorrow specials.)

My hope is that two hours every week will leave room for more guest hosts and artist interviews as well.  Want to sound off about the changes?  Hit me up, as always, at my Twitter.

Thanks for sticking with me this far, hope you enjoy the ride from here on out!


#1531: Changing Arranging

OTRRH on Wednesday nights is no more after this one, folks.  But don’t worry.  I’ll be back on Saturday, 9/5 with a brand new two-hour show live on BBOX Radio.

The set tonight was surprisingly subdued in tempo, but you can’t lose with a nice mix of vintage blues, psychedelic and so much soul.  Enjoy, tell your friends, and I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks.

Playlist after the jump…

…and if Spreaker‘s more your speed…

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#1530: My Wild Love

As I gear up to move slots I thought I’d take one show and focus on my favorite block of time, roughly 1967-1971. I stray a bit, but blame the heat I say. Lots of psychedelic pop and folksy garage with some soul thrown in for flavor. Enjoy, and tell a friend…
Stay cool if you can.

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#1529: Wake Me, Shake Me

Tonight I wanted to try something a little different, less talk and a more organic set.  It’s been a hot, sweaty, tiring week for me and this set reflects that hazy feeling.  I do have some news below, but first…

…press play for steamy set goodness…

…or, if you please, get down with the Spreaker

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#1528: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 3

After a long holiday I’m back in Brooklyn and LIVE in the BBOX studios with the latest installment of my series celebrating modern artists with vintage influences.  Between what I receive from labels and what I discover during my many Bandcamp forays, there is a lot of fun stuff to choose from.  Modern psych, soul, stoner rock and punk is all represented and it’s one hell of a trip.  Always happy to have all of you along for the ride.

Check out the links to the artists in the playlist below and support these great acts and labels by spending your hard-earned dollars on some great tunes!

Just press play…

…or if you dig Spreaker instead…

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OTRRH REDUX: Timeline 1960-1979

Last summer I ran a special 6-part series covering the progression of popular music between 1960-1979.  I’m on the road for the next two days so tonight I’ll be rerunning the episode on 1968, but I’ll include all 6 episodes after the jump for you to listen at your leisure.

Hope you enjoy, have a great week and I’ll see you next Weds with a new LIVE episode!

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#1526: Sleepy Eyes

When you’re married with two kids you’re never entirely on vacation.  I’ve been doing a lot of BBOX work, running around with a bunch of children and fending off political discussions with my in-laws among other things.  So anytime I can catch a nap in the summer heat I’m on top of it.

This week’s set is all about some quieter sounds.  They run the gamut between full on stoned, folk bliss, and some that hum with anxious energy but never cross over into heavy territory.  Some are still loud, but not too loud.

Get your lawn chair, grab a beer and smoke if you got it.  Let’s get dangerously mellow.

…for all the Spreakers out there…

Have a badass week, beautiful people.

#1524: Love Is A Doggone Good Thing

What is it about summertime that brings out the wildness & weirdness in Americans?  These last weeks have seen some huge changes and controversies: The horrible shootings in SC & the continuing racial violence in the South surrounding that damned flag; the cloak & dagger feel surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership; the landmark ruling making marriage legal for LGBT Americans…if you’re not talking about civil rights this summer then you just aren’t paying attention.

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#1523: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 2

It’s that time again, time to put away my old dusty records for a week and bring out some newer tunes that have caught my ear.  Psych, punk, old school rock & roll, blues and more are all represented here.  Let’s rock out!

Special thanks to the labels who have sent me some of this great stuff:

Beyond Beyond is Beyond : Heavy Psych Sounds : Sunrise Ocean Bender : Cardinal Fuzz : Riding Easy

Have a listen:

…or if you’re one of those Spreaker people…

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#1522: Petit Sékou

This episode’s named after the closing tune which translates directly to “little relief.”  I thought at first it meant something like “not much help” but it turns out it actually means something closer to a “little boost,” which feels much more appropriate for the set this week.  The same psychedelic feel of most episodes is still here, but with some punk jolts and pop fluff to fill it out, along with a little tribute to Curtis Mayfield in honor of his birthday last week.  I hope you dig it, tell a friend if you do.  Especially if you think they could use a little relief.

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#1521: Garden Of My Mind

Today was the first with some sunshine after a long rain.  No sun for days and the constant sound of a million tiny tapping fingertips.   It’s my favorite kind of weather.  Nothing quite compares to the feeling of riding a bus or car and staring out a rainy window; self-contained and adrift in space.

This week’s set starts as a celebration, a little fist pump to welcome back the sun, before we slide into what those three fantastic rainy days in NYC felt like.  Sometimes it’s not such a terrible thing when you see that the sky is falling.

…or if Spreaker‘s more your speed…

#1520: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

The temperature kept crawling up in NYC this last week, and after a harsh winter it actually feels good to get all sweaty again.  It got me focusing on songs for this week’s show that have that warm weather feel.  Major key, bright harmonies and tempos that are a little more in the pocket.

So roll your windows down and let the breeze take the sweat off your brow.  Grab a cold drink and bask in sunny sounds.

…or listen on Spreaker!

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