#1543: Everybody’s Wrong

This episode’s all about getting catharsis after a troubling and terrifying week for humankind.  The nuts-and-bolts are some great soul, psych old and new, and all with a mind towards exploring the emotions and sentiments that get dredged up in an age of terrorism and social media.

Trust me, it’s not as down as it sounds.  If you have listen, let it scrub your mind.  Have a great week, stay safe!


#1542: From A Whisper To A Scream

First hour of the show today is to celebrate the life of Allen Toussaint and the birthday of Ennio Morricone.  Last half’s all rock to wish well to Eagles of Death Metal and all those affected by the Paris attack, and to pay tribute to a speed-metal staple, Mötorhead drummer Phil Taylor.

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#1540: The Ritual

Goddamn do I love Halloween.  It’s not about dressing up and pretending to be somebody else for me, though.  It’s something about exploring a darker side, and I’ve always been fascinated by the human urge to try and fool or beg the dark forces into showing mercy during the long night of winter.  Plus, y’know, it gives me an excuse to play more fuzzy, heavy music.  Which I did.

Enjoy a sludgy mix of heavy metal, weird psych and some of those older garage tunes.  Plus some campfire tales from the legendary Vincent Price.  Slap together a costume and party tonight, but don’t forget to save a little booty for bribing those dark forces.

If this promo doesn’t make you wanna listen, I don’t know what will…

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#1539: Sweet Home Chicago (feat. White Mystery)

It was my great pleasure to speak with Chicago’s own White Mystery as they head into Brooklyn tonight to play a late-night gig at the Acheron (show details here). Miss Alex White shared what it’s like to be on tour pretty much all of the time, running a business from the road and what’s to come for her and her brother Francis as they continue their 10-year mission to rock the world.

To set the stage there’s a mix of vintage soul, blues and garage from Chicago groups and a nice lead-in of crazy, heavy psych.  Many thanks to White Mystery for chatting with me, and big thanks to all of you for listening.

Full Show:

Just the Interview:

#1538: Lost In The Future

What a crazy week! My own life got a little nuts, “Court Of The Crimson King” turned 45, and we lost Gail Zappa and Steve McKay of The Stooges. I needed some help to get my head straight, and so this set is all over the place to provide ample therapy for the addled mind.  New stuff from Cardinal Fuzz & Beyond Beyond is Beyond (of course) and plenty of vintage tracks to spread around as well.  Please your ears!  Playlist after the break:

…and for the Spreakerheads out there…

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#1537: Shattering Live Experience (feat. The Falling Birds)

This week I paid a small tribute to the late Dave Pike at the top of the show, then settled in to a set of warm folk and blues. All this led to my interview with local Brooklyn band The Falling Birds ahead of their CMJ show at the Black Bear in Williamsburg (10/17, $5 cover) and their upcoming UK tour. I talk with Dave & Steve about how they got started, their new EP and what it’s like in the NYC music scene. Enjoy the show, and check them out at TheFallingBirds.com.

Listen on the Mixcloud player below or on Spreaker.

Full show:

Just the Interview:

or watch it here:

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#1536: Out There (feat. Electric Citizen)

After last week’s hard rock show and with all this rain in NYC I needed some soul, man.  The first hour is all sweet soul music, vintage & modern, to stave off the chill with some warm tones.

Now, in the second hour I had to mix it up.  I of course have some great psych tracks from Beyond Beyond is Beyond records (Annique Monet, the new Midday Veil) along with a highlight of women in psychedelia.

Full show:

I was lucky enough to catch up on phone with Riding Easy Records artists Electric Citizen ahead of their upcoming gigs at St. Vitus with Pentagram.  In the last half hour we talk about their busy tour schedule, signing to Riding Easy, and what’s next for the band.  Many thanks to them for taking the time to chat with me, make sure to go see them 10/5-10/6 when they hit Brooklyn.  Ticket details and more about the band at www.ElectricCitizenBand.com

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#1535: Rock N Roll Star (feat. Ann Courtney of Mother Feather)

Today is ROCK day! All rock and roll, old and new, including a track from Heaters new release on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. And of course, it’s always a treat to hear from Ann of Mother Feather who came by to talk the band’s upcoming Pop Cock Rocktober residency at Rockwood Music Hall (every Friday in October at midnight) and their new record deal with Metal Blade records! Congrats to Ann and the whole Mother Feather crew, and many thanks to her for stopping by once again.

Unbunch your panties, grab a sock full of quarters and start swinging. It’s time to freakin’ ROCK.

Full show:

Just the Interview:

Here’s the Spreaker link, check out the playlist below!

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#1534: Move With The Season

This week’s all about transitions. The transition from summer to autumn, namely, and all the changes that come with it.
We took some time to highlight some great labels (Sunrise Ocean Bender, Riding Easy Records, Cardinal Fuzz) and of course I threw some great selections from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond in there.  Full playlist after the jump.

Lotsa fuzz this week, see you next time and hope all your transitions are smooth.

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#1533: Life’s An Elevator

After a friend mentioned the new format would be perfect “lazy Saturday music” I decided to start this week’s show off mellow and build up to the hard stuff.  On our second foray into mixing new and old there’s a lot on the table.  From local Brooklyn rockers (The Tye Trybe, The London Souls) to more standard fare like the Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, it’s a feast for the ears.  Dig in and fill up.

Full playlist below, and here’s the link for the SPREAKERS!

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Random Access Transmissions: TRANS1.00000.01.0

Very often I find vinyl records in stacks as I’m walking around Brooklyn.  The quantity, quality and condition vary each time but I always take whatever it is home.  The selection tends to be a lot of vintage folk, soundtracks and classical music.  Over the past 4 years I’ve probably gotten a hold of over 200 vinyl LPs this way. Continue reading Random Access Transmissions: TRANS1.00000.01.0

#1532: Forever Heavy

Thanks to all who listened in on the 2 hour premiere of the revamped OTRRH!  It was one wild ride across all genres, spinning new music and old and trying to connect the dots between past and present.  Playlist is below, just hit play and get some good Labor Day vibes!

…right here, Spreaker peeps…

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New time. New tunes. Same Old Time Religion.

If you haven’t listened in a while, you may wonder why there’s no show tonight.  If you have been listening then you’re likely tired of hearing it: OTRRH is moving to a new time!

Starting this weekend (9/5) every Saturday morning at BBOXRadio.com, I’ll be doing a two-hour show starting at 10:30am EST.  All of the vintage cuts you’re used to will still be there, but I’m also including more modern tracks that hearken back to older influences (a la my Throwback to Tomorrow specials.)

My hope is that two hours every week will leave room for more guest hosts and artist interviews as well.  Want to sound off about the changes?  Hit me up, as always, at my Twitter.

Thanks for sticking with me this far, hope you enjoy the ride from here on out!


Not a gospel show. Vintage gems & their modern progeny: psych, soul, punk, & all in between. Tues 5pmEST on AffinityRadio.net & Thurs 12pmEST on TheFaceRadioBK.com