Hawkwind: Time We Left This World Today

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Hawkwind, especially in their early days, exemplifies the art and excess of rock music.

Pictured: Awesome Incarnate
Pictured: Awesome Incarnate

Before I try to make my case, let’s just see some footage to set the mood:

If that doesn’t press any of your pleasure buttons, I don’t know what to say.

So, hard rock badassery checklist: Continue reading Hawkwind: Time We Left This World Today

Aphrodite’s Child: New Greek Heroes

AphroditesChild09BAphrodite’s Child was a band that I discovered as I do a lot of music.  Accidentally.

A group from Greece, they were a heavy dose of psychedelic with a hint of Greek traditional folk in the melodies.  Their international fame was limited, but they became a sensation in Paris with a handful of early singles in the late ’60s, and went on to sell around 20 million albums in about 4 years.  They’re most well known today for THIS guy

…but I want to say more about what really struck me about the band when I first heard them.  This was the song:

…and aside from the apropos apocalyptic vibe what got me was the voice.  That’s Demis Roussos, and in that song (more so in the studio version) the tension and release in his vocal technique really paints the picture.

Sure their songs were a little dramatic, but we’re talking about a much more passionate, European sensibility than was characteristic of most American music at the time. Continue reading Aphrodite’s Child: New Greek Heroes

Alexander “Skip” Spence: Never The Same

Alexander “Skip” Spence’s mercurial contributions to the musical treasure trove of the late ’60s easily rival those of other legends of the era such as Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison.  As with those artists his best creative efforts ended with the decade, but Spence survived the ’60s only to fade from the limelight.


Spence first hit the scene filling in on drums for Jefferson Airplane’s (pre-Grace Slick) 1966 debut “Jefferson Airplane Takes Off“, but shortly after the album’s release he disappeared to Mexico with a girlfriend without notice. Continue reading Alexander “Skip” Spence: Never The Same

#1503 Atmospheres

The live simulcast on RadioCarrum.org this week went off well!

Tonight I decided to start mellow, reach a pinnacle of noise & then come back down again. It was also my first show that broadcasted on three continents. It’s quite a journey. Let’s ride.
original airdate: 1/21/2015

OTRRH #1503: Atmospheres by Oldtimereligionradiohour on Mixcloud

OTRRH & Radio Carrum!

It’s happened again!

RadioCarrum.org, a local internet station in the Melbourne suburb of Carrum, has decided to welcome the show to their lineup of mostly community programming.


Carrum’s an interesting place, formerly mostly consisting of swampland that’s been appropriated over the years.  It’s also seemingly the farthest South you can go in Australia.  For the curious types out there, check out the Wikipedia page.

Starting Wednesday 1/21, Radio Carrum will be simulcasting the live show every week.  Here in Brooklyn, OTRRH goes on at 11:30pm as usual, but in Southeast Australia it’ll be 3:30pm Thursday afternoon.  They’re also restreaming the most current episode on Saturdays at 11:00am AEDT (or Fri 7pmEST here). Tune in via their website or the ever-useful TuneIn Radio app. 

Many thanks to Radio Carrum for broadcasting the show, and thanks to all the folks who think OTRRH is worth airing.  I’ll keep working to get the music out to as many ears as possible, thanks for lending yours!

OTRRH syndication sheet

100th Episode! #1501 A Time & A Place

100 shows, man.

When I started the show I had a very specific vibe in mind.  In my younger days, two friends and I that played music together had a longstanding tradition that started when we were roommates and continued on down the years.  We would get some beer, some whiskey, or some smoke and sit around a record player for hours sharing old albums on vinyl.  (con’td ->)  Continue reading 100th Episode! #1501 A Time & A Place

#1453 I’ll Do It All Again

When I started this show I never thought it’d go to two full seasons and beyond, and as 2014 ends I’m thankful for all of you folks who’ve supported and listened.  Season 3 starts next week with the 100th episode.  I hope you’ll join me to review an album that set me on the path towards collecting old tunes, and so many thanks to all of you who join me each week.  I really couldn’t do it without you!

Here’s the last episode of 2014!

#1452 You Shook Me

Over the almost two year course of the show I try to keep things all over the place with a lot of variety.  But there are always those artists from the era that I keep revisiting over and over again, so I decided to count them down.  After some tallying, I present to you the top 14 most played artists over the course of my last two seasons.  I was surprised by some of the results, even the top spot.  Hope you enjoy!

Six Degrees of Terry Manning


Maybe you’ve heard of Terry Manning, but I hadn’t until the last couple of years. I picked up his 1969 album “Home Sweet Home” because I liked his raw cover versions of some Beatles songs.


The album’s alright, but surprisingly it’s the least remarkable thing about him.  Manning is a producer, musician, engineer & photographer who had his hands in so many historical moments it’s almost unbelievable.  He’s connected significantly to the careers of: Jimmy Page, Booker T & the MGs, Isaac Hayes, the Box Tops, Leon Russell, James Taylor, Bob Moog, the Staples Singers, ZZ Top & a LOT more.

DSC_0975 - Version 2

I can’t say much else that the bio on his official website doesn’t cover.  Read it here and you’ll be amazed at how prolific Terry Manning has been, and how much of what’s reached your ears has his work someplace in it.


Check out his cover of “Savoy Truffle” on the latest episode of OTRRH, on your mobile or computer…

BBOX Radio Archive:

#1451: Please Please Me

It’s obvious to anyone with an ear or eye on media that the Beatles have been a huge influence over the last five decades of music.  Their wave of hits crashed across all genres and it seems like damn near every band has a Beatles cover in their catalog someplace.  So tonight I gathered some of my favorites, and now I present them for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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