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#1528: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 3

After a long holiday I’m back in Brooklyn and LIVE in the BBOX studios with the latest installment of my series celebrating modern artists with vintage influences.  Between what I receive from labels and what I discover during my many Bandcamp forays, there is a lot of fun stuff to choose from.  Modern psych, soul, stoner rock and punk is all represented and it’s one hell of a trip.  Always happy to have all of you along for the ride.

Check out the links to the artists in the playlist below and support these great acts and labels by spending your hard-earned dollars on some great tunes!

Just press play…

…or if you dig Spreaker instead…

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#1523: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 2

It’s that time again, time to put away my old dusty records for a week and bring out some newer tunes that have caught my ear.  Psych, punk, old school rock & roll, blues and more are all represented here.  Let’s rock out!

Special thanks to the labels who have sent me some of this great stuff:

Beyond Beyond is Beyond : Heavy Psych Sounds : Sunrise Ocean Bender : Cardinal Fuzz : Riding Easy

Have a listen:

…or if you’re one of those Spreaker people…

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#1517: Throwback To Tomorrow Vol. 1

Over the past few years I’ve received a lot of messages, free records, and followers from modern labels and bands that cultivate a “throwback” sound.  These are artists that, while rooted in today, are hearkening back to the ’60s & ’70s with their music:  the instruments they use, the arrangements & styles, sometimes even the recording techniques and equipment.

I’ve always tried to wedge them into my shows along with the vintage fare you’re used to me spinning.  Unfortunately every time I’d give it a shot, it seemed forced, at least to me.

So this week I decided to try something new.  I scoured my collection and pulled together a selection of modern artists with vintage roots, tying them together in one tight hour.  If you like what you hear, go support them!   I’ve included links to their various sites in the playlist below.

If you like this episode, let me know!  If response is good, I’ll likely do it again every six weeks or so.  For now, enjoy the OTRRH Throwback to Tomorrow!

…or listen on Spreaker!

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