#1838: Never Stuck

Running headlong into the holidays with a lot of vintage gems and some newer releases that tickled my fancy. Keep warm and kick some ass!

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Full playlist below->

Harry Forbes – Sun Dial*
Sam Hutchins – I’m Tired Of Pretending
E Gone – Mark The Spot Where You Leave The Injured
Camp Howard – Heavy Blow
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Until The Poorest Of People Have Money To Spend
Iron Claw – Gonna Be Free
Sweet – Done Me Wrong All Right
Ruckwater – No Gain
Cheap Trick – Surrender
Collin Thibodeauxx – Nudes
Mind Spiders – Slippin’ & Slidin’
Jean Pierre Decerf & Marc Saclays – Bumpers To Bumpers*

Heinz – I Get Up In The Morning
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – American Guilt
Jeff Beck – I Ain’t Done Wrong
Ann Alford – Gotta Get Me A Job
Eva Britt Strandberg – Morgon
Mike & the Censations – There’s Nothing I Can Do
Curtis Mayfield – Get A Little Bit (Give, Get, Take & Have)
Easy E – Eazy Er Said Than Dunn*

Edgar Broughton Band – Waterloo Man
Climax Blues Band – Insurance
Charlie & the White Cloud Orchestra – Mony Mony
The Fabulous Counts – Get Down, People
Joyce Williams – I Don’t Want Your Love
The Kramford Look – Ivory Road
Baligh Hamdi – My Love Story
RJD2 – Silver Fox
Hawkwind – Spiral Galaxy 28948*

Lost Chocolate Lab – Shall We Start Over
Evan Jewett – Never Stuck
Slump – Tension Trance
Wallack – Dennis Hopper Is Dead
Carl Palmer – L.A. Nights*
Pixies – Something Against You


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