#1834: The Worst (Heavy Halloween Special)

The veil is thin and we’re ripe for possession so let these riffs in to move you through the season of the damned!


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Full playlist below->
The Malpractice – Slur
Deep Purple – Into The Fire
Arrowhead – Bone Mountain
Pentagram – When The Screams Come
Firefriend – Burning A Haunted House
Ghastly Sound – The Worst
Granicus – Bad Talk
Electric Citizen – New Earth
Baroness – Teeth Of A Cogwheel*

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Shockwave City
Thin Lizzy – Ballad Of A Hard Man
Motorhead – Like A Nightmare
Dead Sea Apes & Adam Stone – Yes No
Weed – Sweet Morning Light
Medicine Boy – Water Girl
Third Ear Band – Egyptian Book Of The Dead*

Zeal & Ardor – Blood In The River
Mountain Tamer – Faith Peddler
Screaming Females – Ripe
Judas Priest – Steeler
Van Halen – On Fire
The Giraffes – Blckntwhtcstl
Velvet Elevator – Children Of The Sun I
Psychlona – Black Dog
Fog Light – Alkutila*

The Death Wheelers – Roadkill 69
Netherlands – The Countdown
Black Sabbath – Who Are You?
Howling Giant – The Pioneer
Stars That Move – People Of The Sea
Ruff Majik – Harpy
Aphrodite’s Child – The Capture Of The Beast*
AC/DC – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be (live)


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