#1833: Culture Vulture


Hasn’t 2018 been exhausting? Here’s two hours of music released this year that deserves more attention and may help you survive the merry-go-round.

Catch Old Time Religion Radio with Adam Schaper every Thursday from Noon-2PM EST / 5-7PM GMT on http://thefaceradio.com

Full playlist:
The Myrrors – Awakening
Recluse Raccoon – Why Do You Shut It Out
Cigarettes After Sex – Sesame Syrup
Kiki Pau – Leaves
Argyle Forest – Cosmos
Evan Jewett – Dust Contest
Riley Pinkerton – When The Strings No Longer Bend
All Them Witches – Half Tongue
Michael Rault – Out Of The Light
Piles – Drones & Piles

Perhapsy – The Curse (Is Getting Worse)
The Breeders – Nervous Mary
Spooky Cool – Strange Rooms
The Mutineers – Drug For That
Dentist – The Latter
The Bottomfeeders – Blockade
Tommy & the Commies – Hurtin’ Boys
Banshee – Culture Vulture
Bart De Paepe – Den Osschaert

Slift – Doppler Ganger
Kikagaku Moyo – Fluffy Kosmich
L’Eclair – Taishi Koto Pt. 2
Lenderson – Blastoff / Exploder
Oh Sees – Flies Bump Against The Glass
Nolan Potter – Dwarf Wish (Earth Secret)
Corridor – Sentinelles
Heaters – Lysander
Prana Crafter – Kosmik Eko

Nopes – Hammer
Cup – Caffeinated Lover
The Venus Flytraps – Ghost On The Phone
The Bonnevilles – Dirty Photographs
Dot Dash – TV/Radio
Melody Fields – Morning Sun
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Take Me Away
Grace Kelly All Day – All In The Keep
Lost Chocolate Lab – Everything Is Heavy
The Malpractice – Pig Latin


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