#1832: You Unfollow Me

These last few weeks have been even more divisive than usual here in the United States, and with scientists delivering another grim prediction earlier this week I need some relief, damnit.

Hour one this week is all-new music and especially loud. It’s cathartic. You can get all that bad energy exorcised.

Hour two starts with a small tribute to the late Marty Balin and a psychedelic journey through pop-psych and jazz. It’ll cool you down.

Hang in there. Fight like hell.


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Full playlist below->

Full playlist:
Gnod – Bodies For Money
Wet Brain – The Fear
c’yotes – Remain Free
Idles – Samaritans
The Jim Mitchells – You Unfollow Me
Heaters – Venus
Modern Convenience – Chasing Entertainment
Slift – Something In The Mist
Exotic Guitars – Indian Love Call

All Them Witches – 1st vs. 2nd
The Putbacks (feat Bilal) – The Ways
Strange Majik – Got The Feeling
Pet – Got No Time
I Am Bones – Obstacle Course
Baked – A Hartlett Anthem
Tommy & the Commies – Permanent Fixture
Primitive Air – Samadhi

Jefferson Airplane – Today
Black Sheep – Similak Child
Tom Scott – Today
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
Jefferson Airplane – Plastic Fantastic Lover
Franck Pourcel – L’ete Indien

T.I.M.E. – I Really Love You
Teddy Neeley Five – Autumn Afternoon
July – The Way
The Small Faces – Rollin’ Over
Southern Comfort – Paying Double
Carl Anderson – Damned For All Time

Nucleus – Summer Rain
Ramsey Lewis – Come Down In Time
Jurrian Andriessen – Overtones
Kalyanji Anandji – Dance Music
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band – What Can You Bring Me
Mike Vickers – Fire & Brimstone
N.W.A. – Express Yourself


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