#1824: Like It Is, Like It Was

Lots of contrast and comparison going on between our time and 50 or so years ago. Everyone always thinks it’ll be better later, or that it was better then. Personally, I think right now is the most immediate concern.

This week’s a bit random, a hearty helping of vintage tunes peppered with some modern noise for an aural guide to exploring your inner mind. Enjoy!

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Full playlist:

P. Fenn – Summer

DEVO – Cold War

Dentist – Upset Words

Buffalo Springfield – We’ll See

STFU – The Liar

T. Rex – New York City

Unit 4+2 – I Will

Status Quo – Is There A Better Way

Hydromedusa – Weight Of The World

The Progressive Seekers of the Blue Grass Independent Community – Western Drag

Bob & Gene – You Gave Me Love

Connie Price & the Keystones – Put Your Weight On It

Men Vision – Relighting & Smiling

Larry Saunders – This World (Is A Ball Of Confusion)

The Chi Lites – Inner City Blues

Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time – Funkadelic

Thilo van Westernhagen – Sunbeam

Starvingtourist – Fly Like An Eagle

Orgone – It’s Serious

James Gang – Kick Back Man

Syd Barrett – No Man’s Land

Grace Kelly All Day – All In The Keep

Three Dimensional Tanx – E Is For Engine

Booker T. & the MGs – Ain’t That Peculiar

Edgar Broughton Band – There’s No Vibrations But Wait

James Brown – Like It Is, Like It Was

Arthur Brown – Rest Cure

Woody Goss – Black Winged Stilt

The Death Wheelers – Purple Wings

tape deck mountain – True Love Will Find You In The End

Nopes – Throwing Rocks

Hawkwind – Urban Guerrilla

Chocolate Watch Band – In The Past

Charles Kynard – Sweetheart

Curtis Mayfield – Keep On Keeping On


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