#1822: Argue Til We Die

2018’s been a little divisive but one thing’s for sure, a LOT of music has been released. Reissues, lost recordings, collections, and of course fresh material from old favorites and new. This is a small selection of what’s crossed my path so far in 2018. Some you’ll recognize, some you won’t, but it’s a wild ride. A fitting soundtrack to this mad year.

Keep it weird. Keep it LOUD.


Full playlist and band links below->

Full playlist:

Nopes – You’ve Got A Frenemy

Kung Funghi – Sweet Tea

Ampline – Captions

Pet – I Don’t Wanna Be Cool

The Breeders – Howl At The Summit

William Carlos Whitten – You Are Them

Stephen Bailey – Let’s Try Love

Parades Against Parades – Heading Up To Head Down

The Final Age – 2 Second Rule

Strange Majik – Building It Up & Tearing It Down

Melody Fields – Rain Man

Netherlands – DEATHLESS

Tombstones In Their Eyes – Silhouette

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Sunset Curses

Prana Crafter – Enter The Stream

Nolan Potter – A Spirit Lasts Forever pts. 4, 5, 6

The Bonnevilles – The Rebels Shrug

Hyways – Reason To Run

Stephen Artemis Jr. – Now More Than Ever

Phalcons – Swim Away

Caroline Rose – Jeannie Becomes A Mom

Blurred City Lights – Argue Til We Die

River Cult – Halcyon Daze

Ruff Majik – Tar Black Blood

Ten High – The Trouble

Crimewolf – Rooms

The Royal They – Pandemic

Dentist – Figure Four

Kadhja Bonet – Mother Maybe

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Not In Love We’re Just High

Sun Voyager – God Is Dead


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