#1820: Torn Curtain

Drop a tab of Ol’ Glory and let’s see if you recognize yourself when it’s all over. It’s a real trip.

Tons of vintage goodies plus fresh tracks from White Mystery, Kadhja Bonet, The Breeders, Captain Suun, the 86’s and of course new releases from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. All curated for maximum aural pleasure and mind expansion.


Full playlist below->

Full playlist:

The Brothers & Sisters of Los Angeles – All Along the Watchtower

Outkast – Gasoline Dreams

White Boy & the Average Rat Band – The Prophet Song

White Mystery – Boy Next Door

Christina Schneider – Vocalize Hunt

The Breeders – All Nerve

Television – Torn Curtain

Captain Suun – Skyline

Simon Haseley & Eric Marving – Drover

The 86’s – The Pavlovian Impulse

The Rolling Stones – Happy

Jobriath – Liten Up

Kadhja Bonet – Another Time Lover

Piero Piccioni (feat Catherine Howe) – It’s Possible

Our Solar System – Naturligt Samspel

Vangelis – Watch Out

Erlkoenig – Blind Alley

Help – Life Worth Living

Eric Clapton – Someone Like You

Maff – Hawaii

Creepseed – The Holy Sloth

Svvamp – Alligator

Steppenwolf – Foggy Mental Breakdown

Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry – Hosanna

L’Eclair – L’Arrivee Au Port De Lagos

Staple Singers – Respect Yourself

Sly & the Family Stone – I Cannot Make It

Bobby Womack – Love, the Time Is Now

Led Zeppelin – Your Time Is Gonna Come

Jacques Brel – Knokke Le Zoute

The Secret Machines – Nowhere Again


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