#1818: REWILD!

Oh we make the standards and we make the rules
And if you don’t abide by them, you must be a fool
We have the power to control the whole land
You never must question our motives or plans

We’ll outlaw your voices, do anything we want
We’ve nothing to fear from the nation
We’ll kick you out your houses if you get too much
If we have to, we’ll destroy your generation
We’ve built up a frontage and we’ve gained respect
There’s no one to endanger our position

Standards rule OK

-The Jam



Full playlist below ->

Full playlist:

JuJu – Bring ‘Em War

Second Hand – The World Will End Yesterday

1967 Cast of Hair – Easy To Be Hard

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – This Doomsday

Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind

The Coathangers – Down Down Down

King Missile – It’s Saturday

Politicians In My Eyes – Death

Netherlands – REWILD!

Throbbing Gristle – Death Threats

The Edgar Winter Group – We All Had A Real Good Time

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Goon Squad

Wrekmeister Harmonies – Some Were Saved, Some Drowned

The Well – One Nation

Freedom – Richie Havens

Sounds Galactic Orchestra – Nocturne

Curtis Mayfield – Underground

Magnum – Your Mind

Zaum – Mo Via A’cca

Melange – Ruinas

The Jam – Standards

Telephone – Prends Ce Que Tu Veux

Locomotiv GT – Let’s Teach The Children

Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Sleeper Awaits

The Gods – Plastic Horizon

Haunted Leather – The Heat Sits

Ancient Ocean – Rift Valleys

Oshun – Rattle Of Life

Slowdive – Everyone Knows

Uncle Acid – Waiting For Blood

Kung Funghi – Pow

Bart De Paepe – De Wase Wolf

Ty Segall & the Freedom Band – Meaning


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