#1816: Tough Luck

Everyone’s trying to get one over on you all the time, man.  From the highest ranking legislator to the lowest street hustler, you better watch your back. 

I’d never lie to you, though.  This week we start real smooth, build to a rowdy climax and then ease back down to earth again .  Dig on vintage classics plus brand new tracks by Kadhja Bonet, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Stephen Artemis, Slowcoaches, Garcia Peoples and more. 

Keep your eyes up and be on your toes, and have a great week!

Full playlist below->

Full playlist:

Dr. John – Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya

Leonard Cohen – Stranger Song

James Clarke – In Danger

Kadhja Bonet – Delphine

Tricky – Hell Is Around The Corner

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Mr. No One

Stephen Bailey – Sub Zero

Sistra – Onde

Plastic Ono Band – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Lou Reed – Vicious (live)

Edgar Broughton Band – Call Me A Liar

New Planet Trampoline – Confidence Man

The Royal They – Sludgefucker

The Glucks – Tough Luck

Stinkeye – Fink Ployd

Slowcoaches – Found Down

The Sex Pistols – No Feelings

Rattanson – Bomb Carpets of Love

Moon Martin – Hands Down

Garcia Peoples – Show Your Troubles Out

Spiny Normen – In The Darkness of Night

Captain Beyond – Drifting In Space

Frustration – Cause You Ran Away

Don Julian – Lay It On Your Head

Nolan Potter – Wizard Of The Wind

Melody Fields – Liberty

The Chocolate Watch Band – Voyager of the Trieste

Hey Colossus – The Mourning Gong

Clinic – For The Wars

Stephen Artemis – My Little One

Robbie Basho – Dravidian Sunday

Jeff Buckley – Drown In My Own Tears (live)


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