#1814: Fade Me Out

I live in NYC and there’s a lot of noise here, but it’s nothing like the noise on the internet and in the media that’s drowning out all rational thought. Here are some wild sounds to wipe away all the garbage and give you room to clear your head.

Vintage rowdiness and brand new tunes from Sun Voyager, Netherlands, Riding Easy Records, Ten High, Secret Colours, The Left Outsides, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond and many more.



Full playlist:

Scott Walker – 30 Century Man

Sun Voyager – Caves Of Steel

Gold – No Parking

Ten High – Royal Blood

Lou Reed – I Can’t Stand It

Steppenwolf – Tighten Up Your Wig

James Brown – Funky President (People It’s Bad)

Bobby Womack – Baby You Oughta Think It Over

Secret Colours – Dream Dream

Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar

Booka B – Always Late

Humble Pie – Stone Cold Fever

The Shelter People – What It Means To Love

The Troggs – Lover

The Knickerbockers – I Can Do It Better

Eddie Kendricks – Trust Your Heart

David Bowie – Can You Hear Me

The Four Tops – Turn On The Light Of Your Love

Canned Heat – Terraplane Blues

Comets On Fire – The Swallow’s Eye

Pretty Lightning – Tangerine Steam

The Monks – I Hate You

NETHERLANDS – Negative Likes

The Status Quo – Ice In The Sun

The Left Outsides – Clothed In Ivy, Obscured By Dust

Neil Young – Down To The Wire

Stephen Bailey – Mr. Fair

Tangerine Dream – Sunrise In the Third System

Bart De Paepe – Synth Antonius

Psychic Ills – Fade Me Out

Savage Resurrection – Someone’s Changing

The Beatles – I’m So Tired

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The World Of Sex

The Clash – The Leader

OxenFree – CourtesyProfessionalismRespect

Iron Butterfly – Iron Butterfly Theme

Ruff Majik – Gather All Ye Druids



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