#1813: High Tension Wire

It’s easy to get a little high strung in these uncertain times. You need a little release, fingers plucking the strings. Allow me to provide some catharsis.

New releases from White Mystery, Nova Flares, Stephen Bailey (Mt. Mountain), Sun Voyager, The Bonnevilles, Rat Scabies and a LOT more.

Let’s get loose.

Full playlist:

Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Broken Imaginary Time

Stephen Bailey – Polyester Visions

Paul Littlewood – Television

Dustin Lovelis – Either Way

Kazuhiko Kato – Arthur Hakase No Jinriki Hikouki

Chris Carpenter – This World (Is Closing In On Me)

Casey Hopkins – Death

The Creation – If I Stay Too Long

Nova Flares – Krokodil Tears

Spiny Normen – Carry Your Water

Svvamp – Burning Down

Slowbone – Get What You’re Given

The Boleys – Purple Skies

Hollywood Makeout – Cold Shoulder

Stuyedeyed – Mind Control

Sun Voyager – Too Much

Giuliano Sorgini – Surreal

Cobra Family Picnic – Gilgamesh

Stars That Move – People Of The Sea

Prince & 3Rdeyegirl – Plectrumelectrum

The Bonnevilles – Long Runs The Fox

Motorhead – Eat The Rich

Van Halen – Hang ‘em High

Idles – Well Done

We The People – Function Underground

Joy Division – Leaders Of Men

Rat Scabies – Dazy Bones

Herbal Mixture – Please Leave My Mind

White Mystery – Part Deux

Dead Boys – High Tension Wire

Booker T & the MGs – You Don’t Love Me

Deep Purple – It’s All Over

Aphrodite’s Child – The System/Babylon

Ken Munson – Back Stabbers

The Easybeats – Saturday Night



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