#1811: Thunderheads

Love’s complicated, folks.  If you don’t know you’ll know soon enough.  This week I’m exploring it through music which, given that’s what most songs are about, is real easy.  Let’s celebrate and/or commiserate together!

Full playlist below->


Full playlist:

Rikki Lilonga – Sunshine Love

The Flamin’ Groovies – That’ll Be The Day

Rattanson – Rejection Hurts

George Jones – High On The Thought Of You

Sara Vaughn – Easy Evil

Ardent Polaris – Here You Go Again

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The Internet of Love (That Way)

Buffalo Springfield – Kind Woman

Chim Kothari – La Playa

The Savage Blush – Thunderheads

The Techniques – I’ll Be Right There

Bembeya Jazz National – Petit Sekou

Savage Rose – I’m Walking Through The Door

Kini – Nuna

Bart De Paepe – Alvinclarvord

George Freeman – The Bump

Nolan Porter – A Spirit Lasts Forever Part 3

Black Snake Moan – My Hill

Melody Fields – Fire

Cathode Ray Eyes – Harry Houdini

Pearl Jam – Grievance

Ten High – FAKERS

Big Eyes – You Ain’t The Only One

Kristen Hersch – Lax (Rough Version)

Savoy Brown – Doormouse Rides the Rails

Hello – We Gotta Go

Cheap Trick – Downed

The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Bad

The Rolling Stones – It’s Not Easy

The Glucks – Uninvited

Abjects – Love/Hate

Sugar Billy Garner – I Got Some

Stelvio Cipriani – Speed Machine

Funkadelic – Baby, I Owe You Something Good


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