#1806: Walkabout

Modern and vintage from the goodie pile to help your mind wander!

Brand new tracks from fellow New Yorkers Caroline Rose, The Men, and NETHERLANDS plus old school wonders and other modern badassery.

Full playlist below->

REWILD! – Netherlands

The Rats Are Coming – The Mad Doctors

Child Of The Moon – The Rolling Stones

Seek and You Find – Fox

Ignorance Makes Me High – Pontiak

Subcutaneous Phat – Desert Sessions

I Can’t Stand It – The Easybeats

Make Me Feel – Janelle Monae

Ain’t No Sunshine – Harlem Underground Band

Black Moon Rising – Black Pumas

Don’t Blame the Children – The Soul Superiors

Message to the Messengers – Gil Scott Heron

Underground – Lee Perry & the Upsetters

So High – The Men

Like Crying – Fleetwood Mac

To Die Today – Caroline Rose

What I Saw – Broadcast & the Focus Group

Burning Bridges – Family

Bamba – Dimenzio

What Laughs in a Mirror – The Harlequins

And It Came (Barrel of Skeletons) – Cathode Ray Eyes

Brains In My Feet – Purple Canteen

Mantra of the Pleasure Temple – Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band

Surabian Lament – Layne Martine Jr.

Day of the Fool – Aphrodite’s Child

Walkabout – Throbbing Gristle

Telephone Computer – Crazy Gang

Same Team Suckas – Theory Hazit & Othello

Get It Together – Ten High

I Think You’d Cry – T.I.M.E.

Jelly and Mayonnaise – The Boleys

Sleeping In The Kitchen – Mogul Thrash

Filthy Rich – The Outsiders

Right With Your Pain – Strange Lot

Dark Rain – Ceramic Hello

Birds of Misfortune – Tar Queen


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