#1804: It Will Evaporate

Life is fleeting and time online makes it seem even more so.
I’m paradoxically asking you to log on in order to spend some time logged out.
Vintage punk, garage and soul meld with some neo-grunge and stoner rock to lift you outta the daily swamp runoff from the internet.

Get lifted.

Full playlist below–>

Full playlist:

I Wanna Be Well – Ramones

When I Was Young – Magic Mixture

Oh God. We Were Young – The Casey Jr. Ride

Too Much Carousing – Goddo

You’re In Shambles – Del the Funkee Homosapien

I Bet You – Funkadelic

Lulu Arfin Nanny – Kaleidoscope

New Generation – Joe Yamanaka

$$ Kash Register $$ – Kashmere Stage Band

An That’s Saying A Lot – Christine McVie

Lady and Man – Khruangbin

The Boy – Eerie Wanda

The Way I Feel Inside – The Zombies

Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart – Terry Reid

Light My Way – Audioslave

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

It Will Evaporate – Ampline

Trust Fund Death Camp Moan – The Final Age

Rancid Goblet – Creepseed

When Electricity Came To Arkansas – Black Oak Arkansas

No Somos Malos – Dug Dugs

Soft Collar Fad – No Age

Golden – Crimewolf

Sugar Mama – John Lee Hooker

Black Veils of Melancholy – Status Quo

You Won’t Do Right – Bobby Marchan

Holy Roller – Jade Warrior

No God Only Religion – Spiritualized

Riding For A Fall – Horace Andy

Sky Is Falling – Blackalicious

Warmsinkingfeeling – The Prefab Messiahs

Look Out World – Silver Fleet

A Little More Line – Labi Siffre

Until Everything Is Gone – Kings of Moonshine

Magic Fly – Petr & Pavel Orm

Scream Phoenix – Cannibal Ox



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