#1802: Struggling For Air

My own personal, musical state of the union designed to keep you afloat.

All sorts of vintage ephemera and brand new tracks from Here Lies Man, Ty Segall, Ampline, River Cult, The Harlequins, plus a handful from Dizzybird Records outta Grand Rapids.

Keep your head up. Keep breathing.


Full playlist below–>

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

Fanny Dog – Ty Segall & the Freedom Band

Hard Times – Sweet

Bruce Lee – All Them Witches

Drip – Ampline

Hem – Kikagaku Moyo

Stay Hungry – Talking Heads

Sorrow, Tears & Blood – Here Lies Man

Diamond Daggs – Soft Powers

Lady Grinning Soul – David Bowie

Fresco – Irmin Schmidt

Struggling For Air – White Shape

Lazy Susan – Suzies

Toddler Physique – Hollywood Makeout

Come On, Children – The Small Faces

Blind Man – The New Birth

Cookinโ€™ Fat – Pierre Duchamp

People – Graham Central Station

Vampires – Atmosphere

No Longer Making Time – Slowdive

Forever Walks A Drifter – The Monzas

Sam – Quiet World

Outcast – The Animals

Blazed – Boytoy

Ashes In The Fall – Rage Against The Machine

Blind Tribe – E Gone

New Time/ A New Day – The Chambers Brothers

Likelihood Of Confusion – River Cult

Among No Flowers – The Harlequins

Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night


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