#1801: Punching A Hole

Welcome to 2018!
Everyone has so many plans, predictions, resolutions and such that it’s easy to feel hemmed in. Like you’re in a corral with nowhere to go. As it is with all the good innovators, though, you have to take a look to either side. Look up and down. Find the weakest point and plow right through.

Here’s a list of weirdos, psychos, rabble rousers and loud motherfuckers. Here’s to a new and better year.

Vintage and modern wildness plus brand new tracks from King Gizzard, Black Delta Movement, Korto, The Men and more.

Full playlist below–>

Full playlist:

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming – Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Make Me Believe In You – Patti Jo

Bodies For Money – Gnod

Utter Frustration – Wombats

Baby Cakes – The Bolos

The Beldam – Creepseed

Fresque – Korto

You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover – Cactus

Game Is My Middle Name – Betty Davis

Kabaluere – Antonio Carlos & Jocafi

Comin’ Thru – Chali 2na

The Rhythm of Ooze – Pretty Lightning

Horology – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

White Privilege – Idles

Master – Yo No Se

Punching A Hole – The Final Age

Bite The Bullet – Motorhead

View From A Gutter – Jeff Dahl

King Mosquito – The Black Delta Movement

Letter To Memphis – Pixies

Dosing The President – Nolan Porter

Do Yourself A Flavor – Stevie Wonder

Society Is Brainwashed – Ill Bill

Storm Coming Down – The Devil & the Almighty Blues

Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake

Defector – Black Mountain

Mercury Messenger – Cheval Fou

Theme From Suspiria – Schizo Fun Addict

Maybe I’m Crazy – The Men

Blowin’ Smoke – George Brigman & Split

Nyarlathotep – Nyl

Choir of the Stars – The Well

Fender Rhodes Piano Groovin’ – Sketchboxx

HELLLLHOOOOLE – Jeff Rosenstock


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