#1744: You Ain’t Got No Choice

There’s a reason so many legendary bands come from NYC.  You’ve got the five boroughs plus the surrounding “metro area” and all of them feed bands into the NYC music scene.  That’s a lot of competition and as a result you have a better chance of good stuff rising to the top.  There’s something for everyone, and for me in the last year there have been of host of great sonic discoveries.

This set is a sort of aural exploration of the last year or so for me in NYC.  This is a collection of bands I’ve seen live, record labels that I’ve followed, guests from the show, friends I’ve made and surprises from all corners of our sleepless city.  It’s not THE comprehensive list for the super-hip by any means, but it’s my 2017 love letter to my favorite place in the world.

Full playlist and links below->

Full playlist:

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

The Ballad Of Jort Dad – The Mad Doctors

Internet Band – Garbage Brain

See Right Through – Heavy Traffic

Get Away – Birds

Anything Worse – The Falling Birds

Hardly Exist – Invisible Days

Still Cry – Winstons

Dangerous Death Ray – Prince Rupert’s Drops

Glaciers Of Ice – El Michels Affair

Thrombosis – Netherlands

Not To Reveal – Mammoth Spirit

Pearl – Stuyedeyed

Creatures – The Fluids

Finger It Out – Bethlehem Steel

Die For This (Trippin’) – Casey Hopkins

Leather Gloves – Sharkmuffin

This Kind Of Feeling – Sunflower Bean

Codec – Baked

Back From The Moon – Big Eyes

Diggin’ On The Higgs – Strange Majik

Any Way – Drakkar Nowhere

Living, Breathing – Mother Feather

Product Placement Song – The Giraffes

Another Change – Psychic Ills

I’m Alright – Breanna Barbara

Sweet Delight – Skunkmello

Digital Clockwork Orange – Cinema Cinema

Understate – The Royal They

Hollywood – Honduras

New Blues – Sun Abduction

Circles – The Cosmic Coronas

Tough Guys – Vaureen

Coney Island – XL Kings

You Ain’t Got No Choice – Vanity

Pillars In The Void – It’s Not Night, It’s Space

I’m Letting Go – Sam Kogon


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