#1738: Total Control

Some weeks are just weirder than others. My subconscious is trying to get a message across but I’m unclear as to what it’s supposed to be. That’s the way of life, you don’t get control of everything all the time. It’ll come out in the wash I suppose.

New tracks by The Fluids, Phalcons, JuJu, Birds, and more. If you’re in Brooklyn this week I’ll be at Legion Bar in Williamsburg on Weds 11/15 as Freelance Fiend. Bringing soul and psych to the party, let’s grab some beers and decipher these hidden messages together.

Full playlist at OTRRH.com

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

Fallout – The Wild War

Better Get Me Down – Rats Mouth

New Land Sale – The Fluids

Loving Arms – Kris Lager Band

Southlands – The Black Delta Movement

I Just Don’t Know – Banchee

You Better Run – In Be Tweens

Altitude 3000 – Cecil Leuter

A Quiet Place – Garnet Mimms

Synthetic World – Swamp Dogg

Do You Dream? – Dream

Idle Ways – Phalcons

Anfang – Czerwone Gitary

Like Yesterday – Monophonics

Let The City – Deepshade

When The Sun Stands Still – Bulldog Breed

Sock It My Way – Animated Egg

In The Reflection – Flying Canyon

Wandering Song – Bo Hansson

Turn Down The Sound – Venice Dawn

Once Again – Lazarus

Synthetic Substitution – Melvin Bliss

Bad Dreams – Lyrics Born

Don’t Commie Babe – Dyslexic Postcards

Tough Guys – Isaac Hayes

The Lighthouse – Applause

Total Control – The Motels

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – Electronic Concept Orchestra

Society’s Child – Janis Ian

Paid Killer – Moon Martin

When The Train Moves Slow – The Citradels

Patrick – JuJu

I’m So Free – Beck

Home Home – Birds

Dark Side – Shadows of Knight

Nichts – Lied Des Teufels

Parachute – Buffalo Killers


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