#1737: I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (live from El Cortez, Bushwick)

Over the weekend I got the opportunity to provide some digital stimulation between bands as Freelance Fiends at the Safari Room at El Cortez. Without calling anyone out I’ll say there weren’t a lot of people out that night. So I hit “record” and what you’re hearing tonight is an amalgam of the three sets I did that night.

Regular listeners will hear a lot they’ve heard on this show before, including recently. And this mix is a bit thinner than it sounded over the great sound system at El Cortez. But overall I think it’s a fun set and a chill way to spend my Saturday night. Big thanks to Super Bueno for inviting me out. Enjoy and have a safe, rad week!

Full playlist below–>

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

Your Soul – Mind Spiders

Hog Knuckles – Mux Mool

The Plastic Hero – Toni Esposito

Rat Race – The Tears

Forever Heavy – Black Moth Super Rainbow

I Want You Tonight – Guts

Baby Strange – T. Rex

Why Don’tcha Do Me Right? – Frank Zappa

I Ain’t No Miracle Worker – The Brogues

C’mon Everybody – UFO

Trip – Sun Voyager

I Don’t Like You That Way – Casey Hopkins

Pipe Dream – Ten High

Dreamer – The Men

Madness – Foul Tip

No Time – The Saints

Wintertime Blues – Hydromedusa

Cramsey – Baked

Runaway – The Brothers Gross

Moustache – Shady Francos

Youth On Stuff – The Glucks

I Hate Living In The City – Nopes

Surface Observations – Slowcoaches

Machine Gun Etiquette – The Damned

Kill Or Be Killed – Kung Funghi

We’re A Happy Family – The Ramones

Defective Brain – Low Culture

As Expected – Vanity

Cual Es Tu Nombre – Dug Dugs

I’m Not Your Stepping Stone – The Flies

Malin Kpon O – Orchestre Poly Rythmo Cotonou

Funky Dromedary – Synthesizers Unlimited

Off White – Honduras

How Can That Be Why? – Drakkar Nowhere

My Mind’s Eye – Magic Shoppe

Do You Remember Me? – Breakout

Flower Pot – Load Stone

(Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Going To Go – Curtis Mayfield

Spanish Sun – Sunbirds

Shifting Sands – Mondo Drag

Herb Is My Next Door Neighbor – Pontiak

The Well – Campdogzz

Winter Half Light – Ancient Ocean


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