#1733: Pulled Up

It’s been a rough couple weeks with so much violence and hate spread across this country and the world.  Are we sliding toward the edge?  I don’t know, but I’ll do what I always do: try and provide some relief through music.

This week I have new tunes from Dustin Lovelis, Colemine Records, Heaters, Lost Kingdoms, Missiles Of October and more modern biz to keep you current alongside some real vintage gems.   And of course, a nod to the recently departed legend Tom Petty.

Take a minute to look around and if you see someone slipping, lend a hand and pull them up.

Full playlist below->

Entrance Of The Devil (intro) – Zior

Emergency – Motorhead

Chainsaw – Missiles Of October

Rusty Knife – The Mad Doctors

Help – The Damned

Knock, Knock – The Humane Society

Black Bolt – Heaters

I Need To Know – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

Scarecrow – Brave Belt

Trying So Hard Not To Know – Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

Spunky – Johnny Jenkins

Live On – The Flying Stars of Brooklyn

It’s A New Day – Skull Snaps

If You Ain’t Gettin’ Your Thing – L.J. Waiters & the Electrifiers

The Sun Is Shining – Bobby Boyd Congress

I Wonder – The Bubble Gum Machine

I Got Your Soul – JuJu

Let Them Talk – Geraldo Pino

Pulled Up – Talking Heads

Motion Study (1) – Gerhard Trade & His Electronic Instruments

Simple Things – Felt Tip

Sad Go Round – Groundhogs

Head Like A Haunted House – Queens of the Stone Age

Darwin – Lost Kingdoms

One Step Ahead – Mind Spiders

Abyss – Dustin Lovelis

Nothing – Love

Secret Code – Lalo Schifrin

The Laws Must Change – John Mayall

Trouble – Brenton Wood

Pete The Killer – Calla

Raw Ground Wire – Madlib

Funky Dollar Bill – Funkadelic

1000 Years of Doing Nothing – The Picturebooks

Send Your Son To Die – Blodwyn Pig

Take And Take – Low Culture

The Mental Traveler – David Axelrod

Are You Glad To Be In America? – James Blood Ulmer


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