#1731: Paradise For Sale

Such a mixed bag this week with nods to Marc Bolan’s being gone 40 years and the departures of Harry Dean Stanton and Husker Du’s Grant Hart, just as a start. Then settle in for sonic rumination on creativity, living in the now, planning for the future, and what love can do a person. Y’know, all the stuff songs are always about.
Dig in, trip out. Have a great week.

Full playlist below–>

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Golden Belt – T. Rex

Trip – Sun Voyager

I Apologize – Husker Du

Free Lunch – Mutton

Thoughts & Words – The Birds

Ideation – DJ Vadim & DJ Primecuts

Concrete Reservation – Syl Johnson

Who Know Tomorrow – Ayuune Sule

Take – campdogzz

Seeing Hands – Dengue Fever

The Fairest of the Seasons – Nico

Too Much of Nothing – Bob Dylan & the Band

Castaway – Curtis Harding

White Wall – Bob Seger System

Believe – The Yeahtones

The Coming of the One – Twink

The Feast – Young Hunter

Condizionamento – Scoen & Cicci Santucci

Don’t Believe A Word – BoneHawk

Fuzzface – Zombie Garden Club

Paradise For Sale – Epitaph

Balance – Funkadelic

Vaquita Estelar – Niños Maltratados

Drives You Mad – Gun

Dead – Sonic Jesus

Open Pit Mine – George Jones

Like Dust – The Passion Puppets

Les Fleurs – Ramsey Lewis

Close To Nowhere – Band Of Skulls

Icicle Star Tree – Asylum Choir

Voices Carry – Futurebirds

Foreverly – Andy Gabbard

Mercy – The Defenders

Satisfy My Soul – Ronnie Jones

Walking Out On Love – The Nerves

Milky Way – Peter Thomas

The Point Is Over Flowing – Left Lane Cruiser


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