#1729: Mirror Of Illusion

The chatter in our information age feels intolerable.
On one hand, it brings to light issues that’ve been ignored for too long. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like our minds are meant to process information this fast. Who could blame you for feeling overwhelmed?

Much love to folks in Houston this week. Here are some tunes to stop thinking about things for a couple hours.

Full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Sleeping On The Ground – campdogzz

Save Their Souls – Bohannon

Nervous Suspicion – Dustin Lovelis

Burned – Buffalo Springfield

Fire In The Hole – Steely Dan

Retribution – ghostpal

The Bus – Billy Preston

Hypenitis – Canibus

Do Not Enter – Canned Heat

Black Fire Rainbows – Andy Gabbard

Cercle – Jacno

Rio Revuelto – Melange

Tomorrow May Be Vanished – Prudence

In Apathy – Tales of Murder & Dust

Thoughts Of Yesterday – White Room

Same Old Story – Taste

Success – Foul Tip

Learning – The Boleys

Arpeggiator – Fugazi

Bruises – Band of Skulls

Psychovision – Daniele Luppi

Spazz – The Elastic Band

Love Is For Free – New Age Healers

Get Away – BIRDS

Everybody’s Next One – Slade

Mr. Magic – Kellee Patterson

The Equalizer – Clinic

Smiling Face, Flushing Heart – The Travellers

I’m Gonna Put Some Hurt On You – The Meters

Funky Brewster – The Jive Turkeys

Ivory – Bob Seger System

Despertar – Felipe el Hombre

Francis – Gary Leeds & Rain

The Pioneer – Howling Giant

Mirror of Illusion – Hawkwind

Breakerfall – Pearl Jam

Super Junkie of Being Free – Hound

Three Days of the Condor – Rhythm Heritage

Just – Radiohead


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