#1727: Daylight Ripoff

For the first time in a long time the U.S. put aside differences for a brief moment to watch the sun go dark.  A cosmic event and a moment for reflection on where we fit in to the world and beyond.  It didn’t last long but it was nice to know so many people were enjoying something together.

The title of this week’s show reflects the cynicism that creeps back in after such moments, and as we move forward I thought we could explore the recent sounds of psych, garage and more.  Every song in this set was made after 2014, with many being new releases this year.  Hope you enjoy, and that this can suffice as another small moment where we enjoy something together.

Links to all the bands and full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior


Sound Of A Man – Adrian Younge


Don’t Forget My Wild Love – Black Snake Moan


Hard Times – The Bushwick Hotel


The Sun Is Falling – Black Moon Mother


Our Lies Are True – Weird Black


Little Rat Charm – Patsy’s Rats


Let’s Rewind – The Falling Birds


Purple Skies – The Boleys


Inhumat – Ulls


Harpy – Ruff Majik


Yuengling Malmsteen – The Mad Doctors


Empty Halls – The Judge


Deep In The Shadows – Strange Majik


Loving Guaranteed – Ephemerals


The Well – campdogzz


Low On Sleep – somesurprises


Invasion – Nevesis


Daylight Ripoff – Heavy Traffic


Quaaludes (medley) – Quaaludes


Deaf, Blind & Hungry – shadow monster


Strange Seeds – Black Lung


Mean Spirit – The Two Tens


Poor Beast, Marginal Man – Rattanson


The World Is Wrong – The Resonars


Worry – The Routes


Is What It Is – A.J. & the Jiggawatts


You Know San Francisco, Don’t You? – Baked


Vomit Coffin – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard


High Goodbye – Magic Shoppe


We Got the Rock n’ Rollz – The Wizards of Delight


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