#1724: Exotic Blood (feat. Cinema Cinema)

Join me as I sit down with Brooklyn’s Cinema Cinema (in a very breezy room) and chat about their new album, what influences their experimental leanings, life on the road in Europe and much more. Peppered throughout you’ll hear heavy tunes from local NYC rockers and worldwide sonic experimenters!

The band’s latest release, “Man Bites Dog,” is available in all formats at CinemaCinemaBand.com

Full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Taxi Driver – Cinema Cinema

interview pt. 1

(bed music: Floating Pt. 1 – Klaus Schulze)

Cashout – Fugazi

One Eyed Skoll – Kung Funghi

interview pt. 2

(bed music: Floating Pt. 2 – Klaus Schulze)

Crime – The Men

The Balrog – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

interview pt. 3

(bed music: Floating Pt. 3 – Klaus Schulze)

Exotic Blood – Cinema Cinema

My War – Black Flag

interview pt. 4

(bed music: I.E. – Centralstodet)

Leaving Stockholm – Ruff Majik

The Evil Children – King Missile

interview pt. 5

(bed music: Jynx – Can)

Broad Daylight – Cinema Cinema

Dots – Netherlands

In Ashes – Zeal and Ardor

interview pt. 6

(bed music: Vegas Bodega – Centralstodet)

(bed music: The Rat Cage – Beastie Boys)

Dustrider – Domkraft

I Hear Fake Voices – Trans Am

See Right Through – Heavy Traffic

I Don’t Wanna Hear It – Minor Threat

interview pt. 7

(bed music: Arpeggiator – Fugazi)

Bomb Plot – Cinema Cinema


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