#1723: Last Minute

Putting together a weekly two-hour show takes time and just a wee bit of inspiration.  Sometimes you’re running short on both of those, and you have to throw it together.  Here’s to the folks cramming it in before the finish line.

(P.S. I’m spinning rock n roll 8pm to midnight at Robert Bar in Brooklyn on July 19th.  Come on down if you’re in NYC and say Hi!)

Full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Baby, I’ve Got News For You – Miller

Salt – R. Ring

My Clown – July

Wet Blanket – Baked

There Is A Reason – The Above

In The Twilight Zone – The Astors

Brand New Cadillac – De Maskers

Last Minute – Nashville Teens

Seance – Heaters

When My Mind Is Not Live – Status Quo

Venus 2038 – Rock Revival

Sun Powers – Morgan Delt

Fresh Air – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Let Me Entertain You – Queen

All Alone – Big Eyes

Seven Tongues – Iguana Death Cult

Hold On – Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys

Soulful Illusion – Soulful Illusion

Can’t Let You Out Of My Sight – Maxine Brown & Chuck Jackson

Twist Del Faraone – Piero Umiliani

The Duck Gravy – Orgone

I’m Losin’ The Feelin’ – Little Beaver

Born On The Bayou – X’Lents

The Working Man – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Get Lost – L.A. Witch

Capsule Fluid – Thee Arcadians

Troubbble – Stephen Malkmus

Shoot You In The Back – Motorhead

You Cheap Arse Motherfucker! – Luminous Bodies

It’s Funny But It’s True – The Avalons

Amsterdam – Cluster

Stcesni Srewolf – Steady Sun

Ride A White Swan – T. Rex

Make Me Make You – Rumplestiltskin

Sugar Moon – DeWolff

Wandering Black Hole – Rattanson

Melancholy Girl – Mladen Franko

Hardly Exist – Invisible Days


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