OTRRH Redux: Silly Love/Cast A Spell

#1422: Silly Love
Love can be extremely restorative or intensely destructive, and everything in between. This set isn’t exactly all about that, but the songs go out to all the folks I know who are afflicted on both sides of the spectrum. Enjoy and share, and hang in there!
original airdate: 5/28/2014

#1424 Cast A Spell
Tonight’s just a mixed bag of great tunes to enjoy in the warm weather. Soul, heavy blues, psychedelic, a little reggae. Don’t be afraid to rock out.
original airdate: 6/11/2014

Got To Make A Comeback – Eddie Floyd

Be Cool, Be Calm (& Keep Yourself Together) – Stevie Wonder

That Woman’s Got Something – Juicy Lucy

Silly Love – 10CC

Just A Second: Starts Like That – Faust

Dance Round The Maypole – Acid Gallery

Head Tear of the Drunken Sun – Silberbart

Nervi Sound – Sylvano Santorio

Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen

Spot The Lights – Barrier

Yo No Se – Los Dugs Dugs

Rebirth – Gershon Kingsley

Pavan Hindustan – Robbie Basho

I’m Glad To Do It – C.L. Blast

Children Of Tomorrow – Mike Stuart Span

Deja Vu – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Bob Dylan

Mandarin – Colosseum

Super Trouper – Deep Purple

She’s The Nitetime – Morgen

She Got Me ver. 2 – The Misunderstood

Let’s Get Nasty – Chuck Stephens

Hanky Panky No How (drone mix) – John Cale

? – Mecki Mark Men

A Woman Is The Blues – Chicken Shack

Comin’ Home Baby – Booker T. & the MGs

I’ll See You Tomorrow – The Honeycombs

Man To Man – Lord Creator

Cast A Spell – The Open Mind

Alpha Du Centaure pt. iii – Space Art

Outside – Difference

Shake Me – Aka

What Have We Done – Mike James Kirkland

Heksedans – Jan Eggum

Black Panther – G. Somers & A. Lewis

Cherry Stones – The Searchers

Dream – The Brothers of Soul

Light Down Below – Stained Glass

It’s Just Begun – Jimmy Castor Bunch

Crazy Otto (live) – Creedence Clearwater Revival



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