#1717: The Fuzz

Modern times demand modern jams so today’s episode is all about new music (from the last year or so.) Psychedelic, Garage Rock & Punk factor in along with some heavier voyages as well, overall an aural journey over the last 12 months in psych music and our mad, modern world.

Featuring new jams from the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Eiderdown Records, Exploding In Sound, Cardinal Fuzz, Sky Lantern, Thrill Jockey, Ripple Music & Magnetic Eye labels + so much more.

Keep your head down and your eyes open. Keep it weird, keep it loud.

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Pearl – Stuyedeyed

Silverstruck – Salem’s Bend

Tomorrow Is Forgetting – Pontiak

Youth On Stuff – The Glucks

Black Heart Crusader – White Mystery

Off White – Honduras

Wolf – Baked

Animal Heart – Hermitess

Floating Eyes – Mt. Mountain

Wasted Fields – Strange Lot

Heartbreak Hunter – The Savage Blush

Freak Out – The Paranoyds

Increible Experimentacion – Ninos Maltratados

Pyramids – Iguana Death Cult

The Fuzz – Bronco Country

Ghost Beads – Sharkmuffin

Fogged Out (Two) – Dire Wolves

Run Until You’re Out – Cinema Cinema

A Dinner With Fontaine (Darkest Wheel) – Burn Thee Insects

The Bottom Of The Ocean – Netherlands

Stop Mute Defeat – White Hills

Chaos & Systems – Sundays & Cybele

Mayor Skipped Town/ Srs Drms – Somesurprises

Elysium – Cobra Family Picnic

Storm Of Dust – Toast Of Botswana

Oblivious – The Routes

Weed Money – Bad Guys

Lion’s Den – The Men

Nowhere To Land – The Cult of Dom Keller

Raw Emotion – Ten High

Shedding – Nopes

Staying Power – Trans Am

Nowhere To Run – Thee Arcadians


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