#1714: Keep The Beat (feat. Winstons)

Winstons are a two-piece roots/garage rock outfit based in Brooklyn.  Guitarist/singer Lou Nutting & drummer/singer Ben Brock Wilkes lay out bare-bones rockers with serious soul and bring that raucous energy to every live show.  They were nice enough to sit down with me and chat about touring, the benefits of a small band and their future plans after the release of their excellent 7″, Without You, available now on Warhen Records.  Great tracks abound as well with songs from the entire Winstons catalog and from some of their favorite artists, plus a few of my own selections including new tracks from White Mystery & Strange Majik.

Many thanks to Ben and Lou for putting up with my constant nervous laugh, and if you haven’t seen them live then it’s time to stop missing out.  Fill that hole at their next live show:  Saturday, April 29th w. Matt Vasquez at Rough Trade.

Follow Winstons: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube or all-in-one at http://www.WinstonsBand.com

Full playlist below, baby->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Hard Times – Winstons

Stand It – White Mystery

Shake It and Break It – Canned Heat

Cold Feet – Ronnie Whitehead

Don’t Get Caught – The Droptones

(bed music: Ghost Riders In The Sky – The Phantoms)

Winstons interview pt. 1

(bed music: Memphis Underground – S.O.U.L.)

(bed music: Ah! Soul – Brunning Sunflower Blues Band)

Simple Song – Avail

Let’s Talk About Girls – Chocolate Watch Band

Different Strokes – Syl Johnson

Soul Crisis – Strange Majik

Go Back – Breanna Barbara

Winstons interview pt. 2

(bed music: The Black River – Elkhorn)

(bed music: Bardo Nectar – Prana Crafter)

Midnight Fire Alarm – Earl Blair

Wine and Peanuts – Daniel Bachman

Something On Your Mind – Karen Dalton

Bad Blues – Ginger Ale

Big Mouth Blues – Gram Parsons

Keep It Together – Twin Peaks

Winstons interview pt. 3

(bed music: Netti Netti – Southern Comfort)

What’ll I Do For Satisfaction – Johnny Daye

Prove – Ne Hi

Talkin’ About You – The Rolling Stones

In The Garden – Dogwood Tales

My Adorable One – James Carr

Feels So Good #1 – Junior Kimbrough

Jumper Hangin’ On The Line – R.L. Burnside

Keep The Beat – Winstons

Winstons interview pt. 4

(bed music: East St. Louis Blues – Eddie Fisher & the Next 100 Years)

(bed music: Sho Is Funky Down Here – James Brown)

Without You – Winstons


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