#1710: Almost Grown

Chuck Berry finally shuffled off at the age of 90 this week and as a St. Louis native myself it’s sad to see him go. The first half hour today is all about sneaking a peek at some of his influence. Rest easy to one the most influential figures in rock and roll!

The rest of this week gives some love to Sly Stone for his birthday, Thin Lizzy for being Irish, some hard rockers and psych freakouts and BRAND NEW tracks from Sun Abduction, Pontiak, Entrance, Stuyedeyed, Kung Funghi, & Prana Crafter.  There’s even a preview of Riding Easy Records’ new Brown Acid comp!

Something for everybody is what I’m getting at. I’m gonna put my adult cares aside for a bit and rock out. Care to join me?

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Johnny B. Goode (live) – Jimi Hendrix (1970)
Travelin’ Band – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970)
Suffragette City – David Bowie (1972)
You Can’t Catch Me – John Lennon (1975)
Big Sky – The Reverend Horton Heat (1994)
Almost Ain’t Buttered Toast – Nine Pound Hammer (2016)
Rock & Roll Snake – The Cripplers (2001)
That Crazy Little House On The Hill – Gene LaMarr (1958)
The Hammer – Motorhead (1980)
Round We Go – The Rubs (2015)
Almost Grown (live) – Chuck Berry (1963)
Mole Machine – Simply Saucer
Underdog – Sly & the Family Stone (1967)
Ballad of a Hard Man – Thin Lizzy (1975)
Lights Are Low – Hydromedusa (2015)
Heartbreaker – Tucky Buzzard (1971)
Something To Look Forward To – Spoon (2002)
Remembering pt. 2 (New Day) – Thin Lizzy (1971)
Un Singe En Hiver – Michel Magne
Save It For Later – The English Beat (1982)
You Don’t Believe Me – The Pretty Things (1965)
I’d Be A Fool – Entrance (2017)
Both Sides of the Line – Dr. Dog (2016)
It Happens Each Day – The Byrds (1967)
At Agartha’s Gate – Prana Crafter (2017)
Diamond Meadows – T. Rex (1970)
Ignorance Makes Me High – Pontiak (2017)
Pale Rider – Sun Abduction (2017)
Miss Carry On – Stuyedeyed (2017)
The Great Morpheum – Sopwith Camel (1967)
No Name – Kung Funghi (2017)
L.S.D. – Chron Gen (1982)
Leave It – Kanaan (???)
Deje Que Hablen (Let Them Talk) – Los Matematicos (1966)
Shangri La – The Kinks (1969)
Let The Sunshine In – Bobby Bryant (1969)
Stormy High – Black Mountain (2008)

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