#1708: Free For All

Let’s call it a semi-vinyl set, shall we?

Mostly vinyl selections this week drawn from recent acquisitions and my 5 Favorite Records for March, with brand new stuff thrown in from Strange Majik, Sun Abduction, Ty Segall, Lamagaia, Temples, & King Gizzard!  Plus all the vintage tunes you’d expect from OTRRH, from psychedelic to blues to punk (ish)…

Rock ain’t dead, and neither are we.  Keep on pushing.

Full playlist below, baby->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Troubled Man – Old Man’s Will
Lazy Woman – Highway Robbery
Screens – Nopes
Burn Notice – The Phuss
Free For All – Ted Nugent
My Mistake – The Kingbees
Free Devil Jam – Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Bad Beat – Heaters 
Truth Hits Everybody – The Police
(bed music: Thanks For The Pepperoni – Apple Jam)
Don’t Let the Demagogue Get You Down – Strange Majik
Career Of Evil – Blue Oyster Cult
Take Care (To Comb Your Hair) – Ty Segall
Oh! Those Sweet Bananas – Hackamore Brick
Ain’t Necessarily So – The Honeycombs
Born Into The Sunset – Temples
Time Track – Skip Bifferty
Aurora – Lamagaia
Acid Pyramid – Sun Abduction
Moonchild – Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
Pop’s Love Suicide – Stone Temple Pilots
Lazy – Deep Purple
50 Ft. Queenie – Cinema Cinema
Voodoo Mirror – Iguana Death Cult
New Jocks – Netherlands
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Elder
Strange Brew – Cream
Whatever Happened To Fun? – Jeff Dahl
I Was Home – Sunflower Bean
(bed music: Khalivera – The Myrrors)
Run Of The Mill – George Harrison

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