#1707: Enough

It was mid-winter break in NYC this past week and the weather was beyond beautiful, especially for February. Being able to get the kids outside and enjoy the sun on my face took my mind off the world’s perceived turmoil and put it back on my own here and now. This mix keeps that in mind with both modern and vintage psychedelia, heavy grooves and funky soul.

Dig new tracks from The Falling Birds, Winstons, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, The Savage Blush, Sundays & Cybele, Baked and so much more.
Put the earbuds in, find a warm spot and enjoy!

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Into The Night – Strange Lot
Mean To Me – The Stranglers
Sugarcube – Yo La Tengo
Anoxia – King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Junior’s Wailing – Status Quo
Enough – Winstons
Everything Look Good (Ain’t Good) Bill Wright
I Just Wanna Make Love – Smith
Down Down Down – Orgone
(bed music: Centrali Termiche – Piero Umiliani)
Teacher’s Pet – Casey Hopkins
Drainpipe – Protein Brothers
I Don’t Care What The People Say – Silver Apples
Le Faucon le Chacal et le Vaisseau Spatial – Chocolat
Here Come The Bastards – Primus
Voodo’s & Don’ts – Ruff Majik
Did It Ever? – Drakkar Nowhere
Devil’s Grip – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
The Trap – Electric Citizen
(bed music: Across the Luster of the Desert Into the Polychrome Hills – It’s Not Night, It’s Space)
Paranoid – Black Sabbath
Medicated Bed – Heavy Traffic
Bad – The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Half Broken – The Savage Blush
It’s Been Too Long – Quicksilver Messenger Service
Brujo – Sundays & Cybele
Keep It Up & See What Happens – The Falling Birds
(bed music: Space Patrol – Man…or Astro Man?)
We’re A Happy Family – Ramones
BetaMax – Drakulas
You’re Too Much – Eyes
Better Check Yourself – Soul Brothers Six
Night Of Fear – The Move
The Ostrich – Steppenwolf
I Don’t Buy It – Low Culture
You Know San Francisco, Don’t You? – Baked
Feeling Alright – Rustix
(bed music: Honey Coloured time – May Blitz)
Perfect Hell – The Routes

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