#1706: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (feat. Baked)

About a year ago I stumbled on Baked’s first LP, Debt, on Bandcamp and was immediately hooked by their mix of melodic psych, muscular shoe gaze and grungy fuzz.

I was lucky enough to meet up with their singer/guitarist R.J. Gordon last week to talk about the release of the second LP Farnham, his history as a touring musician and sound engineer, and a whole host of other random topics. Peppered throughout are tracks from both records by Baked plus new stuff from local BK acts mixed with some vintage noise for flavor. It was a laid back time and I enjoyed myself a lot. I hope that you do, too. If you do, please, tell a friend.

Check out Baked at their release show, and follow them on the web:



More info and full playlist below->.

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Baked
That Old Feeling – Honduras
(bed music: Diodo – Blue Phantom)
Baked interview pt. 1
(bed music: Hook For An Eye/Impossible Windows – The Lumerians)
Close Our Eyes – This City Of Takers
Come Together – MC5
Baked interview pt. 2
(bed music: II – Fuzz)
The Loner – Neil Young
Stay – Baked
Baked interview pt. 3
(bed music: Steve Bannon Can Kiss My Jew Ass – Dire Wolves)
Let’s Rewind – The Falling Birds
Baked interview pt. 4
(bed music: Spiritual Eternal – Alice Coltrane)
Star Roving – Slowdive
Codec – Baked
Baked interview pt. 5
(bed music: Someone To Love part 2 – Jeff Beck)
Satin Dollars – Liquor Store
Private World – New York Dolls
Baked interview pt. 6
(bed music: Crawl Out From The Fall Out/Jammed Entrance – Thee Oh Sees)
Raw Dealings – Slowcoaches
New Race – Radio Birman
Baked interview pt. 7
(bed music: Electric Frog – Kool & the Gang)
Scattering Ram – Grass Is Green
Walking Curse – Hound
Baked Interview pt. 8
(bed music: Staring Down The Gullet of the Great Beyond part 3 – Evening Fires)
(bed music: Pe Linga Plopii Fara Sot – Sincron)
Midnight Junkie – Baked

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