#1705: Out Of My Reality

Gotta get a grip, people. Gotta stay grounded. Here’s how I do it.

Vintage treats galore from funk to punk and new stuff from Ty Segall, The Falling Birds, Winstons. Plus a smattering of garage, psychedelic, hard rock and more from recent decades. It’s a wild mix full of everything from grit to bubblegum, but it can help ease the stress and keep your mind straight.

Eyes up and stay cool out there, folks.

Check out links to the artists and the full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
I’m Mad – The Dead Weather
For The Love Of Money – B.B.K.’s Expedition
Government Center – The Modern Lovers
Understate – The Royal They
Anything Worse – The Falling Birds
So It Goes – Nick Lowe
Anything ‘cept the Truth – Eagles of Death Metal
Bad Boys Get Spanked – The Pretenders
Fuhrerbunker – Nightshark
Blood & Venom (live) – White Mystery
Out Of My Reality – The X Ray Harpoons
National Health (live) – The Kinks
Frantic Moment – Eddie Hazel
They’ll Make You Cry – The Beau Brummels
Untitled – L.A. Witch
Come Around – The Casey Jr. Ride
Ain’t It Hard – The Electric Prunes
Freedom – Ty Segall
Warm Hands (Freedom Returned) – Ty Segall
Who Do You Think You Are? – Master’s Apprentice
Without You –  Winstons
Wild Wind – John Leyton
Visions – Bliss
I Don’t Believe – The Well
Insane – Lighthouse
Let Me Out – Kenyon Hopkins
Liberty Is In The Streets – The Myrrors
I Wonder If I’ll Care As Much – The Everly Brothers
Voice Of Revolution – Eloy
Science Killer – The Black Angels
Down Down – The Coathangers
Kill The King – The Glucks
Hangin’ Tree – Queens of the Stone Age
Alpha Dog – The Gripsweats
Gratefully Dead – The Animals

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