#1701: See Right Through (feat. Sun Abduction)

I saw Sun Abduction play live back in November at Garage Land, and on a recent freezing evening I was invited to their Bushwick practice space for a talk with lead singer and songwriter Zach Koenig ahead of their upcoming EP release.

Over the course of an hour we talked about everything from songwriting, life on the road, sharing love for rock and roll as art, the family you find in the music industry and a lot more. Peppered throughout are modern tracks from local NYC bands, the old vintage heavy hitters and some obscure cuts both old and new.  Most importantly, you’ll hear the premiere of Sun Abduction’s new B-side.  Enjoy, share if you like what you hear, and go join the band at their release party on Friday!

Full playlist after the details–>

Follow Sun Abduction:  Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Dig their label –> Axis Mundi Records

You need show details? Click this rad poster…


Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Facebook Rant – The Giraffes
The Green Manalishi – Fleetwood Mac
See Right Through – Heavy Traffic
(bed music: Treeline – E)
-Interview pt. 1-
(bed music: Valium 10 – Hawkwind)
(bed music: Dogfish Blues – Elkhorn)
Dirty Love – Motorhead
Dreamer – The Men
-Interview pt. 2-
(bed music: Trilha de Sume – Lula Cortês & Zé Ramalho)
(bed music: Soul Food – Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders)
(bed music: One More Red Nightmare – King Crimson)
(bed music: Drugs – Talking Heads)
I’m Not In Love – Talking Heads
-Interview pt. 3-
(bed music: It’s All Over Now – Charlie & Esdor)
(bed music: Rat Salad – Black Sabbath)
(bed music: Fuck The Cops – Charlie & Esdor)
No. 3 – Mind Spiders
Fire Engine – The 13th Floor Elevators
Too Many Girls – The Mystery Lights
-Interview pt. 4-
(bed music: Snake – Harvey Mandel)
Tripura – Sun Abduction
When The Night Falls – Eyes
I’ll Wait – The Parliaments
-Interview pt. 5-
(bed music: Light Falls II; The Light Burns Us All – Wrekmeister Harmonies)
(bed music: The Individual – Spiritualized)
Say Hello – Fuzz
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
Coal Mine – Winstons
-Interview pt. 6-
(bed music: Gate 9 – Gary Pacific)
(bed music: Petit Sekou – Bembeya Jazz National)
Paper Dolls – The Nerves
The Man On The Dune – The Outsiders
Cramsey – Baked
Head In A Blender – Low Culture
-Interview pt. 7-
(bed music: G.E.A.B. – Pussy)
(bed music: Dark Side Of The Mushroom – The Chocolate Watch Band)
Pale Rider – Sun Abduction

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