#1647: Ridin’ On (BBOX Series Finale)

We’ve all been saying it; 2016 was a rough one.  Some have pointed out, however, that when the world seems at it’s darkest is the time when good music starts clawing it’s way out into the world.  I’ll be damned if those folks weren’t right.

This week’s an extended review of 2016 but not just my favorite albums.  It’s everything I’ve dug up from my unending search for new music; weird one-offs, bedroom tapes, promo singles, you name it.  Some of it you’ve heard before, some you likely won’t hear again.  Incidentally, a lot of it came from right here in NYC.  But it was all of it released in 2016, a year I’ll remember for it’s goddamn great soundtrack.

A note: After 4 years, this is my final show on my long time home at Brooklyn’s BBOX Radio. You can still hear new episodes starting in 2017, every Tuesday night (5pmEST/10pmGMT) on AffinityRadio.net broadcasting out of Kent, U.K.

Big love to some great labels this year:  Beyond Beyond Is Beyond; Riding Easy; Sunrise Ocean Bender; Thrill Jockey; Dizzybird; Fat Possum; Stolen Body; Greenway Records; Magnetic Eye; Stow House; Cardinal Fuzz; Captchca Records; and all the others I’m sure that I’m somehow forgetting.

Full playlist below with links to the bands and their albums so you can nab this great stuff for yourself–>

Hour 1:

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Mothers Of The Sun – Black Mountain (IV)

Rverie – Steady Sun (The Flora Demos)

Working On The Field – Eerie Wanda (Hum)

Nothin But Your Lovin – Breanna Barbara (Mirage Dreams)

Without Reason Or Right – Jason Simon (The Familiar Haunts)

Confusion (I’m Alright) – Psychic Ills (Inner Journey Out)

Free At Last – SVVAMP (SVVAMP)

A Real Thing You Can Know – People of the North (The Caul)

I Was Always Talking (feat. Frankie Cosmos) – Sam Kogon (Psychic Tears)

Violence Etcetera – Christina Schneider (Violence Etcetera)

Under Your Skin – Argyle Forest (Installation Art)

Escape Capsule – Morgan Delt (Phase Zero)

Stars And Sea – JuJu (JuJu)

What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here? – Zeal and Ardor (Devil Is Fine)

Pull The Trigger – Strange Majik (Raised On Rock N Roll)

Follow Moonmilk Rivers – E Gone (Advice To Hill Walkers)

Hour 2:

Lucid – DeWolff (Roux-Ga-Roux)

Look Around – Ouzo Bazooka (SIMOOM)

The One (That Goes On Forever) – Mammoth Spirit (Mammoth Spirit)

Pay – Mushroom Caffeine (FUEGO 7″)

I Came For Candy – TWINS (Square America)

Choking On Your Spit – Seratones (Get Gone)

Natural Disaster – Mother Feather (Mother Feather)

Ghost Of Me – Electric Citizen (Higher Time)

Queen Of The Desert – Salem’s Bend (Salem’s Bend)

Every Confidence – Helen Money (Become Zero)

Pipe Dream – Ten High (This Is A Pipe Dream)

Don’t Be Shy – Vanity (Don’t Be Shy)

I Know The Story – Amerikan Bear (single)

Byzantine – The Well (Pagan Science)

Dawn – Elephant Tree (Elephant Tree)

Bloomer – Dead Stars (Bright Colors)

Old Growth Fortress – Prana Crafter (single)

Hour 3:

Touch – The Casey Hopkins Duo (Touch EP)

Les géants – Chocolat (Rencontrer Looloo)

Cubes – The Nopes (Never Heard Of It)

Ridin’ On – The Men (Devil Music)

Oona – Pixies (Head Carrier)

Outta Control – White Mystery (Outta Control)

Birds – New Planet Trampoline (Dark Rides And Grim Visions)

Thee Heathen Twist – Heaven’s Gateway Drugs (Rubber Nun)

The Window Cleaner – Purson (Desire’s Magic Theatre)

Control – Os Noctambulos (Stranger)

Come Down and Watch Them – Grumbling Fur (Furfour)

Holding Back – The Above (There Is A Reason)

Brixton Raga – The Psychics (4×3)

Nothing More To Say – The Frightnrs (Nothing More To Say)

Quagmire Moon – Yama Warashi (Moon Egg)

My Lovely Son Reprise – Wrekmeister Harmonies (Light Falls)

Slow Love – Charles Bradley (Changes)

Crawl Out From the Fall Out – Thee Oh Sees (A Weird Exits)

Hour 4:

Old Snow, White Sun – Kikagaku Moyo (House In The Tall Grass)

Apparition – Coffin Problem (Coffin Problem)

Get Stung – Invisible Days (Coasting)

De Pie – Sunny Day Rain (single)

True Love Will Find You In The End – Tape Deck Mountain (Is And Always Was Daniel Johnston’s Delay Pedal)

Across the Luster of the Desert Into the Polychrome Hills – It’s Not Night: It’s Space (Our Birth Is But A Sleep & A Forgetting)

Centennial – Heaters (Baptistina)

Just For Kicks (Soc i halarna- Chevy Car Chase) – Salem’s Pot (Pronounce This!)

Anything Worse – The Falling Birds (single)

Fantome Du Passe – Velvet Love Void (Velvet Love Void)

How Could That Be Why? – Drakkar Nowhere (Drakkar Nowhere)

Y’wanna – Slow Season (Westing)

Killer Machine – Lenz Faraday (Too Many Fictions)

Wax Wizard – Ruff Majik (The Fox)

End Of Ambivalence – Rhyton (Redshift)

One With You – The Harlequins (One With You)


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