Is Old Time Religion going off the air?

Old Time Religion Radio is going through some changes and there have been some questions about it, namely “Is the show going off the air for good?”

Short answer:  Nah, man.  We’re soldiering on like always, just in some new places.

Long answer:  Come into my office for a sec, grab a drink…

Will OTRRH still air live every week? New (albeit pre-recorded) episodes of OTRRH will still air on (my affiliate in the Kent, UK) every Tuesday at 5pm EST, or 10pm GMT if you’re in Britain.  The show will also still be posted to Mixcloud every week so that you can listen at your leisure anytime.

Why leave BBOX?  I started with BBOX back in February 2013 as just a host, and through a series of events I won’t go over here I ended up running the station at the beginning of 2015.  Since then I have learned A LOT and made some great friends and contacts.  But over the last year the demands and responsibilities of running an all-volunteer radio station started to affect my ability to do my show every week and began interfering with my responsibilities to my family as well.  So I made the choice to move on,  simple as that, no ill-will whatsoever.  BBOX is in the process of transferring to new management and I’m going to record the show from the Garage for a bit til I figure out what’s next.   I’ll miss my BBOX friends and the studio I’ve spent every week in for the last four years, and big love and best of luck to all the folks there who’ve helped me along the way.  Chances are some of them will still turn up on the show now and then.

Will you find a new station to broadcast the LIVE show?  Maybe, I’m not sure.  Probably?  Still tying up loose ends here and there, but if I do find a new broadcast station I’ll make it public right away.

When I started Old Time Religion Radio as a podcast back in 2012, I never guessed that it could grow into what it has or that I’d meet so many great people and artists as a result.  Back then I dedicated myself to doing it every week no matter what, and for a good 20 episodes I recorded the show from home before shopping it to BBOX four (!) years ago.  I’m much better at recording then I was then, I dare say, so my commitment to find great music and share it with whoever will listen will continue until I’m physically incapable.

Thanks everyone who’s supported the show over the years and those who continue to support it now.  I look forward to listening together in 2017 and beyond!


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