#1640: Live Another Day (feat. Casey Hopkins)

It was my great pleasure after this long and maddening week to have the enthusiastic Brooklyn blues-rocker Casey Hopkins in the studio this week.  All blues-adjacent tunes graced the decks along with some funk and garage on the side, and Casey and I jawed about where he’s from, where he’s going, and everything in between.

Special nod to the late Leonard Cohen, one of Canada’s finest and the latest in a line of greats we’ve lost this year.  Rest easy, Leonard.

Casey and I will both be at Garage Land (at Good Room) Wednesday 11/30 along with Paul Collins (The Beat, The Nerves), David Strange, Skunkmello and Lord Youth.

Get Casey’s tunes at his Bandcamp site, and follow his hilarious takeover of Pentatonic Guitars’ Instagram.

Full playlist below->Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Wail – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Baby Don’t Cry – Third Guitar
Turn Me Over – Bruce, West & Laing
I’m Tired – Savoy Brown
The Losing End – Neil Young
Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen
I’m Not Surprised – Rory Gallagher
Help Me – The Primitives
Lights Out – Dr. Feelgood
Think It Over – B.B. King
(bed music: Tomorrow’s Cancelled – Shadows)
10 A.M. Automatic – The Black Keys
Just Got Paid – ZZ Top
Ain’t No Lovin’ Left – Fanny Adams
Love Is The Only Solution – Martha Star
Touch – The Casey Hopkins Trio
Interview with Casey Hopkins pt. 1
(bed music: Son Of Mr. Green Genes – Frank Zappa)
Live Another Day (live) – Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Wizard – Blown Free
Bad News Is Coming – Luther Allison
Interview with Casey Hopkins pt. 2
(bed music: Blues with a Feeling – Twentieth Century Zoo)
California Dreamin’ – Eddie Hazel
Good To Your Earhole – Funkadelic
Freelance Fiend – Leaf Hound
Let’s Spend The Night Together – Muddy Waters
Baby Please Don’t Go – AC/DC
Interview with Casey Hopkins pt. 3
(bed music: Catfish – Taste)
(bed music: Harry’s Toenail – Gnidralog)
Die For This (Trippin’) – The Casey Hopkins Duo

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