#1638: Hell On Wheels (Heavy Halloween Special)

Get out the greasepaint, squeeze into some leather and latex and get ready to bang your head this Halloween!

I’m a big fan of big riffs but don’t always get to go as heavy on the live show, but with Halloween on the horizon this episode is the exception.  Tune in for a 3 hour HEAVY special featuring vintage heavy blues & proto-metal and modern tracks ranging from blues to doom, all with riffage in mind!   And I couldn’t pay tribute to riffs down the ages without paying special tribute to Riding Easy Records so look out for a lot of their artists in today’s lineup.

Full playlist below->

Hour 1:
Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Hell On Wheels – Fu Manchu
Cagey Cretins – Blue Oyster Cult
Ride In The Sky – Lucifer’s Friend
Ready For Action – Gamma
Hell Fire – Arrowhead
Supernaut – Slow Season
Lord Of This World – Black Sabbath
The Capture Of The Beast – Aphrodite’s Child
Black Eyed Gods – The Well
Black Night – Deep Purple
Out Of Sight – Mondo Drag
Long Time – Clouds
I Think I Lost My Headache – Queens Of The Stone Age
Your Kisses Burn Like Fire – The Picturebooks
The Letters – King Crimson
Hour 2:
Better By You, Better By Me – Spooky Tooth
Deathhead – Punch
Evil – Edgar Broughton Band
Light Years Beyond – Electric Citizen
Neon Angels On The Road to Ruin – The Runaways
Fifteen – Highway Robbery
Queen of Torture – Wishbone Ash
Starry Wisdom – It’s Not Night It’s Space
Honey Baby Child – The Giraffes
Fracture – Elephant Tree
When The Screams Come – Pentagram
Waiting For Blood – Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
Cockroach – Sweet
Weed – Weed
Hour 3:
Voodoo Chile – All Them Witches
The Sorcerer Of Isis – Power of Zeus
Golden Crown – Svvamp
Gonna Creep Up On You – Thin Lizzy
I Am The Skull – Danava
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be – AC/DC
Crawl Home – Desert Sessions
Man’ Milk – Luminous Bodies
Midnight Witch – Ash
Hole In The Sky – Black Sabbath
Desire (Fantomen pa Opium) – Salem’s Pot
Kill The King – Rainbow


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