#1636: Shifting Sands

The turmoil of 2016 continues and as we all try not to get swept away I’ve prepared a mix to help keep you grounded.  Lots of vintage grinders mixed with a twist of soul and psych, and new stuff from The Well, DeWolff, Thee Oh Sees and many more heavy lifters.  This madness is almost over, let’s bang our heads and shake our hips together til the storm passes.

Don’t forget! You could help nominate OTRRH for Mixcloud’s “Best Rock Show” in their 2016 Online Music Awards. Voting closes on Tuesday 10/18, Click here for details…

Full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Treat Me Like Your Mother – The Dead Weather
Grabsplatter (live) – Deep Purple
Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin
Tears of Gaia – Crypt Trip
One Nation – The Well
Shifting Sands – Mondo Drag
Silver Child – Sadistic Mika Band
Signed, D.C. – Love
Superstition – Blooblo
Survival Sickness – The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Eternity In Between – Steve Morgen
Ain’t Gonna Give It Up – Charles Bradley
Who? – The Montgomery Express
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – Bob Dylan
Czy Mnie Jeszcze Pamiętasz (Do You Remember Me?) – Breakout
All Strung Out Over You – The Chambers Brothers
T.B. Sheets – Van Morrison
Black Cat Woman – DeWolff
King Dick II – Tractor
Heepster – The Judge
Lookin’ For A Kiss – New York Dolls
Baal’s Back – The Pixies
Company Man – Hydromedusa
Feel So Good – Cactus
Ticklish Warrior – Thee Oh Sees
I Hate Living In The City – Nopes
Black Snake Moan – P.J. Harvey
Chub Chub Cherry – Silberbart
Who’s Driving Your Plane – The Rolling Stones
Doin’ All Right – Big Midnight
Fizz – Can
Needle In The Camel’s Eye – The Wolfmen

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