#1635: Fresh Cream (feat. The Falling Birds)

Amid many shades of rock and the blues I welcome The Falling Birds back to the show today. We talk about their new EP, what it was like touring the UK, the bands they’re listening to, and our shared gig coming up at Good Room in Greenpoint (click for more info…)
For all the good stuff from the fellas, head to TheFallingBirds.com

Dig the full playlist and watch the video of the interview below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior
Pipe Dream – Ten High
Don’t Hold Your Breath – Calla
As You Said – Cream
Long Years In Space – The Neighb’rhood Children
Line Them All Up – Black Mountain
Your Goal Is To Know Everything and Say Nothing – E Gone
Precious Rings and Stones – The Higher State
Gerdundala – Status Quo
Light Falls II: The Light Burns Us All – Wrekmeister Harmonies
How Could That Be Why? – Drakkar Nowhere
Mirage Dreams – Breanna Barbara
Stormy Monday – John Mayall
Time To Die – KDH
Let’s Spend The Night Together – David Bowie
One Way Ticket – The Breakaways
Shimmer In Pale – The Falling Birds
Interview part 1
(The Gumbo Variations – Frank Zappa)
Touch – The Casey Hopkins Duo
Evil Woman – The Casey Hopkins Duo
Little Wing (live) – Jimi Hendrix
Borderline – MC5
UnonoU – Danava
Interview part 2
(Power Of Soul – Idris Muhammad)
(Funky Sitar Man – Ravi Harris & the Prophets)
New Blues – Sun Abduction
Fresh Cream – Svvamp
Coal Mine – Winstons
Interview part 3
(Ronnie’s Bonnie – Reuben Wilson)
(South Side Jump – Buddy Guy)
My Girl – The Falling Birds

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