#1628: Hot, Funky, & Sweaty

Those three words describe this week in NYC in a nutshell.  Heat index was  sitting at 105 degrees before noon and the power at the BBOX studios went out halfway through the show!  I had the show together ahead of time, powered through, and have a great mix of vintage and modern psych, rock and funk perfect for blasting out a car window or fire escape.

On second thought, maybe keep the windows closed and the air up.

Keep cool, people! Full playlist below->

Entrance of the Devil (intro) – Zior

Travelling Riverside Blues – Led Zeppelin
Marble Moon – Pretty Lightning
Strange House – The Five Day Week Straw People
Tomorrow Gears – The Resonars
We Spit On Yer Grave – JuJu
Lead Me On – Cho Yong Pil
Understanding Love – Mighty Baby
Earthbound – Elkhorn
Baby Batter – Harvey Mandel
You Haven’t Done Nothin’ – Stevie Wonder
You’re Me – Mojo Wizard
All In All – Dust
Psychedelic Soldier – The Psychics
Green Eyed Lady – Sugarloaf
Things Ain’t Workin’ Out Down At The Farm – Thin Lizzy
Movin’ & Groovin’ – The Judge
By The Rule – We The People
Hot, Funky & Sweaty – Soul Lifters
The Beat – Lou Johnson
Lose That Way – The Milk
Says Elliot – Sibylle Baier
Someone Stole My Life – Nic Gyalson
Once Among The Trees – Velvett Fogg
Senge Dradrock – Prana Crafter
Give Life Another Try – Phantasia
Nervous Intuition – New Planet Trampoline
Nazi Apocalypse – Simply Saucer
Jacco – Mushroom Caffeine
Incense & Pepperspray – The Citradels
Nobody Likes Me (live) – Alice Cooper
Mister Boogie (pt. 2) – Brother Soul
Moustache – Shady Francos

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